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Darvin Ham needs to find out how to make LeBron, AD & Russell Westbrook fit together – JJ Redick
CJ McCollum joins Get Up with JJ Redick to discuss whether Russell Westbrook is a title contender for the Los Angeles Lakers.
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For months after Russia invaded their country in February, the members of Ukraine’s national soccer team were unable to hold so much as a practice together, let alone play a game.On Sunday, they will play for a place in the World Cup.That game, once unthinkable for Ukraine’s team, and by far the least of its concerns, will be against Wales at Cardiff City Stadium, a modest arena about 1,500 miles from Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, and a world away from the horrors and traumas and worries of war.Here’s what you need to know.

ESPN is broadcasting the match in the United States and streaming it on ESPN Plus. Warning: There may be listings that claim the match airs on ESPN2 but it wasn’t until Friday when ESPN reassessed its interest and moved the event to ESPN.Broadcast coverage starts at 11:11 Eastern. The match starts at noon.

Sunday’s match is, in the strictest sense, a winner-take-all affair. On Sunday, the victor will take one of the three remaining places in Qatar’s World Cup. It kicks off November 1. The loser can try again in four years.Ukraine hasn’t qualified for the World Cup since 2006, its only previous trip to the tournament.But Wales has waited even longer: Its last — and only — World Cup appearance was in 1958, and the team is eager to end that drought, even if it means ending Ukraine’s dreams at the same time.“It’s still missing,” said the Wales captain, Gareth Bale, who has five Champions League titles on his résumé but not a single minute in the World Cup. “We have a game tomorrow to put that to bed and qualify. Everybody wants to be at the World Cup. It’s no different for me.”

Sunday’s game is the final match of a four-team playoff — two semifinals and a final — that didn’t go as anyone expected. The games were originally scheduled for March, but Ukraine’s semifinal against Scotland was postponed soon after Russia’s invasion, even as Wales went ahead with a game against Austria, winning by 2-1.In April, FIFA, soccer’s global governing body and the organizer of the World Cup, announced the Ukraine-Scotland match had been rescheduled for June 1, with the final — already set for Wales — to be held a few days later.

The Ukraine beat Scotland by 3-1 in an emotional game played at Hampden Park near Glasgow. It was the Ukrainians’ first official game since November.

Before the Scotland game it was not easy to see what Ukraine could expect. One thing was accomplished: Ukraine’s World Cup playoff had to be rescheduled. Preparing for the game was another matter.Like most of Europe’s national teams, Ukraine has players who are scattered across the continent: Oleksandr Zinchenko just won a Premier League title with Manchester City, and Andriy Yarmolenko (West Ham), Ruslan Malinovskyi (Atalanta) and Roman Yaremchuk (Benfica) all play for big European clubs. That meant the core of the team was getting regular training and games, even if their minds were constantly distracted by the war back home.But the Ukrainian league shut down as soon as Russia invaded, leaving the bulk of Ukraine’s players with no place to play. The top clubs Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kyiv managed to get their players out of the country and set up camps abroad and a series of exhibition matches so their players could train.At the same time, Ukraine’s coach, Oleksandr Petrakov, set up a training camp in Slovenia for his team, and cycled in members of the squad as they became available. All the while, messages poured in from Ukraine: from soldiers, from family members, from friends fighting to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty from Russian troops.“They make only one demand,” the veteran midfielder Taras Stepanenko told The Guardian of the messages he and his teammates receive. “‘Please do everything you can to go to the World Cup.’”

Ukraine Coach Oleksandr Petrakov: “We have a very difficult situation in the country. Some people don’t watch football. We have grief, people are dying …”“We don’t think about it. “We are not thinking about it.” how to make our fans happy, our armed forces, and focused on the game.”Wales captain Gareth Bale: “We’ll be the most popular team in the stadium, that’s the main thing. We are aware of the terrible events in Ukraine. We are thinking of the families, children and citizens of Ukraine. We’ve all felt awful during this time and not been able to do too much. But come tomorrow, it’s a game of football. We want to win.”Ukraine defender Oleksandr Karavayev: “We understand that the most important game in our lives is ahead.”

Since the World Cup draw took place in the window between the original dates of the playoff in March and Sunday’s playoff final, the winner of the game in Cardiff will know its World Cup path immediately.It will land in a group with England, Iran and the United States and open the World Cup on its first day, Nov. 21, against the Americans.

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For fans waking up early to watch the French Open in the United States, matches throughout the tournament have been spread across a few television channels and streaming outlets.The women’s singles final, between Iga Swiatek and Coco Gauff, will be carried in the United States by NBC, as well as the NBC Sports website, app and Peacock Premium. The final begins at 9 a.m. Eastern, and has a best-of-three sets format.Here’s a list of broadcasters in several countries, including TSN in Canada and France TV Sport.

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Pickleball is a great sport to improve your skills. It’s the same as when you hit a ball with the back of your racket in tennis. This gives the ball more power. Rotating your wrist perfect creates a centrifugal force that pushes the paddle. This is called snapping your wrist.
When you snap your wrist, you can also apply a top spin to the ball. This allows you to guide the ball where you want. This effect is possible with your pickleball paddle. While you’ll need the paddle to perfect the spin, you also have to exert some patience to achieve what you’re hoping to accomplish with your spin.

Pickleball paddles and spins: Factors to Take into Account

You can use any type of pickleball paddle to contact the ball at a certain speed, regardless of its make or model. There are several factors that determine the spin you make.

  • A paddle’s width
  • How you’re standing
  • Angle at which the ball is struck
  • Make contact with the paddle and pickleball when they make contact
  • Practice your spin by ensuring that you have synchrony. That is, your paddle must rotate in sync with the ball. An off-pace strike will cause your opponent’s ball to be hit harder than it normally would.
    For tennis players who place spins on the ball a lot, this is a common fact. If you move your pickleball paddle from a low to high position, you’ll automatically create a topspin on the ball, something that is helpful if you hit a lob, which you want to place deep, or just inside the baseline. If you wish your ball to bounce strongly towards your opponent, the spin function can be used while serving.

    The Grip is Everything: How you Hold the Paddle

    Continental grip is pickleball’s most commonly used grip. The site also provides information on the best paddle grip size. You should also learn the continent grip or neutral grip.
    You need to make sure you have a good grip on your paddle’s forehand, and backhand. Think of this grip as the same one you use when you’re shaking hands. While it’s not a strong forehand grip, it’s also not weak. Again, it’s considered neutral. Similar can be said about the backhand grip.
    This grip increases reaction time and speeds up exchanges at the kitchen counter. A continental grip allows you to keep your paddle face open and generates more spin.
    You should create a natural spin. Don’t use a choppy movement, which is far from natural-looking or downplayed. The exaggerated movement often causes the ball or the ball itself to fly high to make it difficult for your opponent to put it away.

    Follow the flow

    Maybe you’re an ex-racquetball player who has taken up pickleball. Your past experience may have led you to use excessive wrist action. This can cause sidepins that lead to insane bounces and may result in missed serves. When you spin pickleball, it is important to follow the rules.

    Be aware: Pickleball Balls are Light

    Remember, unlike a racquetball ball, the pickleball ball is light, so the physics aren’t exactly the same. You want to ensure that you can control what happens when you hit the ball.
    By working on the basics of the game and learning to hit a solid shot, you’ll actually create a natural spin on the ball. It is important to learn how to contact the ball solidly by adhering the basic movements. That way, you’ll create a spin without even knowing it.

    How to Position Yourself for Success

    The right way to hold your paddle is key in creating the perfect spin. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Keep your heads up and face each other. Close your grip on the paddle using both of your hands. Keep the thumbs pointed towards one another.
    During your backswing, it is crucial to consider the position and shape of your paddle. You should place your paddle above your shoulder. Never extend your arm too far, it could cause an injury.
    Learning is essential. how toStand. Keeping a steady stance throughout your swings will allow you to maintain control and balance. Your weight should be balanced over your feet.
    Your torso should be straight while your elbows must remain bent. This will allow you to swing the paddle more accurately and with greater power.

    How to create your backswing

    Pickleball is best played in a straight line. Turn your wrist forward and bring the paddle’s head back. Curve it down.
    The paddle should be in direct contact with your ball. Keep your head parallel to ground. As you move the paddle back, increase the angle. The paddle head should be pulled back slightly when you reach the ball. You will get a spin on your paddle head and a better view while you hit the ball.
    To keep your stroke on target, you must always hold the paddle back from the ball. Keep the paddle straight in front of your face, and the forehand towards the net. Doing so will ensure that you’ll have a better angle in which to hit the ball when it comes off of the server.

    It is important to be consistent

    To create a spin, you must be consistent in how you play your shots. If you take this approach, you’ll also see an improvement in your game. Focus on getting a good backswing when you practice, snapping your wrist forward so you’ll gain more momentum and power . This tip can help you spin when you hit the ball.

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