Drawing Dead Flower – Step By Step Instructions on How to Draw Dead Flower

Flowers are always a beautiful addition to any setting they’re introduced to. Although flowers are often associated with prosperity and life, there’s also an element of beauty in a dead one.
When a flower is shrivelling and dying, it can bring a whole different kind of mood to the setting it’s in than when it was alive.
You can make art with this subject, or learn from it. how toThis is an excellent way to do this.
This tutorial will show you how to create such artwork.
This is our step-by-step guide to how toYou’ll be able to draw a dead plant in six easy steps.

How to Draw A Dead Flower – Let’s Get Started!


Get this guide here how toDraw a stem from a dead plant. We will not start with the actual flower but the stem.
You will draw the stem with some slight curves and have some dulled points sticking out.
The stem will look more disfigured and bent if these dull points are present. This further emphasizes the appearance of a dying flower.
A leaf can be drawn from the side of a stem. This will look very bent.
To make the leaf look more dead, some lines will be used to draw it. We can now move on to Step 2 once all these elements have been completed.

Step 2 – Now, draw the shriveled sepals of the dead flower

Sometimes flowers will have thin, small leaves near the base of their petals. These tiny leaves can poke out. We will draw the sepals for you dead flower drawing.
Similar to the other parts, the sepals can be drawn so that they look more mangled and twisty than the rest. This can be achieved by adding more angles to the outline.
This step allows you to draw 2 of the sepals. Then, it is time to go on to step 3.

Step 3 – Draw more of the stem and add the first petals

Keep reading for more information. how toYou can draw the petals and stem of a dead plant. You can now draw more straight lines over the stem.
As the flowers die, the stem becomes weaker and will not be able to hold the weight of each flower. Next, draw the petals once the stem has been bent.
We will use more angular lines again to make the petals look slightly shrivelled.
You can finish them by adding curved lines to the interior of your petal outline for a more texture look.

Step 4 – Next, draw some more sepals and petals

You’re doing a great job on this dead flower drawing so far! This part will include more sepals as well as the next section of petals.
You can use more bent lines for the sepals to show that they are poking through the flower. The sepals will poke out quite sharply because of their structure.
Next, add additional petals to the left hand side of the flower. You can also add texture details similar to those on the other flowers.
After these drawings are completed, it’s time to start the next steps.

Step 5 – Add the final details to your dead flower drawing

Step 2 in our guide how toThe final steps to drawing a dying flower are about adding details and finishing the work before coloring it.
These are mostly texture details. You can begin by adding more texture lines between the petals.
You can then finish the detail by adding vein details to your leaf. You don’t have to stop there once you’ve finished our details, as this is your chance to add some of your own!
This background could be drawn or you can create your own flowers. You could add more to the design by adding other ideas.

Step 6 – Finish off your dead flower drawing with color

Now you’re ready to finish off this dead flower drawing by adding some colors to it.
Flowers often lose their color as they age, which is why we chose to use muted colors for the image.
The stem, sepals and leaves were made with browns. For the leaf we used dark green and the petals had dark purple.
While you could choose to paint your image with similar colors, it is also possible to make your own.
If you prefer a subtler look we would suggest watercolor paints, however there are plenty of other mediums available that can be used.

Here are 4 more ways to make your dead flower drawing unique

These tips will make this dead flower sketch look even more amazing.
You’re unlikely to see just one single dead flower in life, so you could make this dead flower drawing even better with some more flowers. This is all you need to know. how toThis drawing should not be difficult to create.
You can follow the directions and change some elements, such as how the dead flower faces. You can easily make a beautiful bouquet with dead flowers by following these steps.
We have a second idea that is similar to the first. We suggest that you add a setting more familiar to your drawing of a deceased flower.
It doesn’t matter if you only drew one flower, or made a bunch like we suggested. You could also place your flowers in a beautiful vase to preserve them.
Perhaps they can be placed on a grave, or in sombre settings. These flowers would be placed where you’d like.
You can also add different types of dead flowers to your sketch. You could also use them in the same way as our previous one.
Here are some ways you can see the different colors of flowers. There might be some flower dead in your yard. You can look online for pictures.
It would be a beautiful image to see!
The colors that you use make all the difference in your art. You can find many other colors in the guide.
You could make the colors even darker than we did, or maybe you’d prefer to have some brighter elements.
You can stick dried leaves onto your image if you find them a little less wet. You have so many options for dead flower drawings!

You are done with your Dead Flower Drawing!

We were creating this guide to the topic we wanted. how toAlthough drawing a dead flower might seem a little bleak, we still hope it was a lot fun!
When you take on a new drawing challenge, the best way to conquer it is by breaking it down into smaller steps, and that’s what we aimed to do for you in this guide.
You can add your ideas and have lots of fun with different colors.
Then, you can check out our website when you’re ready for more awesome drawing guides. We upload new ones often, so you’ll want to keep checking in to join the fun!
If you are interested in sharing a photo of your dead flower drawing on Facebook or Pinterest, we would love to see it!