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If your goal is to disrupt your company and make people unhappy with the products and services you provide, then you need to think strategically about your logo ID.
Ledgermatic reached 99designs Studio to achieve exactly that. The clients wanted a premium logo ID that would make them look older than their years. Ledgermatic, a virtual treasury control system that bridges crypto and companies, is helping organizations thrive in an ethereal financial system.
99designs Studio was originally created to extend the Ledgermatic story beyond the logo and create a logo ID that could give them an individual set of name properties that reflect their values.
Shwin created all images in the article, including the artwork of Tiago Fashion Designer and bo_rad.

The customer

With Ledgermatic, it is possible for companies to become their own financial institution. Via Ledgermatic’s suite of services and products, organizations can have the benefit of a tokenized financial system.

Ledgermatic is a complete, unmarried platform that allows organizations to use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for long-term investment, collateral, and to create secured fee gateways.

Strategistischer insight

Today, corporations providing industry answers for company treasurers or Leader Era Officials are more attractive, feel and capable than corporations which offer cryptocurrency services and products to regular customers like Kraken and Gemini. Ledgermatic is required to cross the line between crypto, possible and protected answers for businesses and consumers.
Ledgermatic recognized that branding was a major challenge early on. They wanted a logo ID that reflected the techy, futuristic feel that people associate with cryptocurrency platforms.

99designs Studio is an option for branding

Ledgermatic requested that the logo be temporarily released, however they stressed the fact that their highest precedence was coming to the market with a coherent, transparent and strategic logo ID that could serve as a base upon which they may continue to build.
99designs Studio was designed to deliver exactly this. As a complete start-to-finish carrier, we permit shoppers to get right of entry to essentially the most ingenious design professionals to ship agency-quality paintings that doesn’t cost a fortune.
Use 99designs Studio
Every shopper has an Inventive Director who is a skilled in design and guides them through every stage of the process, starting from preliminary discovery to the final supply of the logo. Ledgermatic had been paired up with Shwin as their Inventive Direct, who is a design skilled with more than ten years experience growing companies with high-level studios in London.
99designs Studio gives you the option of a modular branding solution. Ledgermatic had the option to purchase an icon package of their logo as a replacement for brand introduction, because they had an excellent brand design created by Tiago Fashion designer 99designs.

Ledgermatic also selected to offer a workshop on logo techniques. Via this workshop, they labored with the 99designs Studio workforce to actually dig deep into their logo’s core values and set the direction for his or her logo building technique earlier than leaping into the ingenious procedure.
Ledgermatic’s customized logo id package incorporated:

  • Emblem recoloring
  • Visible components
  • Colour palette
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Here are some tips for creating a logo.

A logo identity that translates industry information into an appealing design


First, we need to discover. With a view to design a logo’s core property, we wish to perceive the customer’s targets and their distinctive option to pursuing them.
99designs Studio’s workforce arranges an interview with Ledgermatic for key insight about the product, its pricing, undertaking, and their goals in branding.

Ingenious workshops

99designs Studio conducted a two-hour workshop on Ledgermatic following the consultation.
The workshop is a guided consultation entire with workout routines that helped the customer uncover the “6 What’s”: what we stand for (function), what we imagine in (values), what folks we wish to interact (target market), what distinguishes us (differentiators), what we provide (product providing) and what we are saying and display (character and tone of voice). This will provide a framework that will help the customer to understand the Minimal Viable Emblem. It also outlines the essentials and core of an emblem they can use for logo techniques.
The 99d Studio staff and customer were able to collaborate on the Ledgermatic logo positioning as well as the essential thing insight for the inventive temporary.

The emblem workout actually helped us to center of attention and slender in on who we’re attempting to succeed in to start with and has Ledgermatic each postured available in the market and executing a lot more strategically than we now have any proper to be for being only some months previous!

Isaac Fain CTO, Ledgermatic

Shwin, who is also their Inventive director, used the workshop for a walk-through of a moodboard. He collected comments and helped set the path for the design. It can be used to help guide the initial design ideas.

Ingenious ideas

The Inventive director developed a variety of concepts for the customer throughout the entire concepting section. The shoppers were able to view a range of designs samples from each idea, which helped them see the possibilities for the whole logo. These included color palettes, icons, utility examples, and visual components.

The customer reviewed each option and made comments as they went. After selecting the clever branding idea they loved the most, the customer provided feedback on color choices, icon style, and visuals. This feedback was taken into consideration by the Inventive Director, who continued to refine and expand the concept until it became the final logo.

Recipient of the emblem

It used to be a snappy procedure—with regards to 3 weeks from the preliminary enter consultation to a fleshed-out, ready-to-launch logo id.
The emblem was previously designed by Tiago Fashion designer and Bo_rad. To broaden the icon collection, futuristic branding elements like gradients were added to the visible ID. They also chose to use a simple, geometric icon design for contact accessibility and ease of use.
The branding was created by combining the visible philosophy of evolution with every clever part.

That was precisely what Ledgermatic desired: a futuristic collection of names that define Ledgermatic’s challenger logo, and allow them to grow and develop.

Thank you so much for helping Ledgermatic to get this emblem out there and generating buzz with such a small amount of capital.

Isaac Fain CTO, Ledgermatic

Your Inventive Director

When you’re dealing with an artistic problem, 99designs Studio is right here to paintings with you to broaden an in-depth and strategic logo id, in an agile means. Your Inventive Director guides you through the design process and helps to manage your goals at every stage.
In relation to designing award-winning manufacturers, 99designs is a triple-win: we’ve were given firm revel in, world ability and branding wisdom, multi functional package deal that gained’t cost a fortune.

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On this customer publish, get an inside look into Balkan Brother’s seen identification design process and uncover methods to beef up your particular person branding initiatives.

Think about it or now not, designing a visual identification and cooking a delicious meal have further in commonplace than you assume. In every situations, you need to combine different parts to create an exhilarating and noteworthy get pleasure from.

A visual identification requires combining different parts to create an exhilarating and noteworthy get pleasure from.

Much like with meals, the selection and preparation of your seen identification parts can vary vastly counting on custom and context. Some producers are eager on acquainted and reliable flavors, while others experiment with abroad spices or peculiar combos. Some producers need elaborate preparations, while others are happy with straightforward and environment friendly solutions. Mastering how and when to combine these parts comes with comply with, means, and intuition. However as well as spontaneity and play.

At BB Firm, most of our branding initiatives get began with 4 main parts:

  • Emblem Design
  • Typeface
  • Color Palette
  • Graphic Elements
  • Underneath we’ll briefly describe how we approach each of these parts and the way in which we combine them. Please don’t take this as an actual design step-by-step; we don’t have a list of measurements or formulation. Instead, take it as your sweet grandmother’s recipes, stuffed with guesses, approximations, and quite a few center.

    ✏️ As a result of our buddies at Balkan Brothers for writing and sponsoring this weblog publish!

    Sooner than you get began: Know your customer & the occasion

    Sooner than you get began cooking — sorry, designing — it’s essential with the intention to know your guests (purchasers) and the occasion (emblem method). You could completely understand what your shopper does, their values, enterprise, competitors, and what they should attain with their emblem. Having a clear considered it will probably make your decision-making process much more uncomplicated, as you’ll on a regular basis have a group goal in ideas.

    1. Emblem Design

    At Balkan Brothers, we most frequently get began by the use of designing the model, the precept icon, and the wordmark. The first objective of these belongings is to synthesize the brand (and all that it stands for) proper right into a recognizable type. We see it as a suggestive mark that pulls us into the seen identification’s concept, and neatly… its many flavors.

    Some logos may even be further descriptive; others further evocative. They’re able to help us discover the brand in an commerce or describe its services and products. Emblems generally is a brand that spark a further important emblem story. Irrespective of approach we take, the model design will most likely be an essential part that we’ll on a regular basis return to as a approach to make the brand actually really feel at home.

    2. Color Palette

    Color palettes are a complete set of parts on their very personal. As such, a color palette will provide us with the whole nuances and aromas of a emblem.

    A reduced color palette can provide a straightforward, recognizable, and fixed identification — which is great for small producers that are merely starting out. Then again, restricted color palettes can briefly flip flat, predictable, or boring after a while.

    Alternatively, a further thorough color palette can add richness, complexity, and pastime to a visual identification — final for large producers with further difficult narratives. Then again, too many colors can briefly flip messy or develop to be overwhelming if achieved poorly after the handover. So we judge it case by the use of case.

    Like platters in a full-course meal, colors actually have a express place and order in a visual identification. As a result of this reality, we love to remember in assigning each color a job and second to return again into play. So, as an example, the colors we use for a emblem’s firm investor’s deck might be not as numerous as for the same emblem’s promoting topic materials.

    3. Typography

    Typography is essential to bettering the flavour of a emblem’s duplicate. The best way of your chosen typefaces helps to stipulate whether or not or not a emblem’s tone of voice is nice, bitter, or maybe a cool combination of every.

    When choosing emblem typography, ask your self if the chosen fonts will make the duplicate actually really feel further approachable? Knowledgable? Nice? Techy? Stylish? Loud? If you would like help defining the tone and mood of a typeface, imagine the following:

  • Historic previous — The inspiration and utilization of the typeface beforehand.
  • Context — The typeface’s which suggests and utilization lately.
  • Style — Common shapes and gestures of the font
  • Function — The typeface’s complete effectivity.
  • Irrespective of issues info your typography alternatives, you can comply with an identical reasoning for the other elements of the brand. This may increasingly result in a further harmonious and fixed look and feel that’s smart with the brand narrative.

    4. Graphic Elements

    In spite of everything, graphic elements are similar to the toppings or condiments to the brand. After defining the brand’s core elements, you can start to beef up or complement the brand narrative via numerous therapies. These could be shapes, patterns, stickers, scribbles, textures, underlines, symbols, filters, and so forth. We generally tend to utilize graphic elements all through a emblem’s social media channels, company swag, and promoting pages.

    Graphic elements can develop to be a primary addition to a emblem’s seen identification. It’s moreover a chance with the intention to experiment and get ingenious. Be aware, we love to utilize these elements to beef up or reward totally different emblem elements, comparatively than to masks a emblem’s prone style.

    Cooking up a delicious seen identification

    It have to be clear by the use of now that we expertise meals as much as branding at BB Firm. After we work on a emblem and play with these 4 main parts, we focus on the different flavors we are going to get from them. We seek for consistency and cohesion, however moreover nuance and marvel.

    Our design palate craves difficult and thrilling flavors, nonetheless we moreover love straightforward and easy merely as neatly. As long as they’re filling! The next time you’re cooking up a visual identification, or maybe designing a meal, do this playful approach and inform us the way in which it’s going. ■

    We’re a digital firm crafting holistic, people-friendly tales. We perform a strategic partner for fast-growing tech firms wanting a scalable website with modular CMS, a design gadget, and a future-proof emblem identification. Through troublesome core assumptions, we type providers that beef up the lives of 1000’s every single day. Check us out at

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