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Learn how toDraw Spider-Man in chibi fashion from No Way Home, the Marvel film. The step-by step tutorial can be followed. You can print the entire drawing and coloring page.

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This video tutorial demonstrates. how toDraw the head and facial features of a fox using fifteen steps.

Step by step, Fox draws
Creating a realistic looking line drawing of a fox’s head and face can be quite difficult. The tutorial will show you how to simplify this process. Start with basic lines and work your way up to more intricate details. This method is not only useful for the tutorial, but it can also be used to draw in general.
You should use very thin lines that are easy to erase if you plan to follow along with pencils or paper. These examples are darker to make it easier to read.

Step 1 – Draw the Shape of the Fox’s Head

Drawing of the head of Fox
Start the drawing with two intersecting straight lines. One horizontal and one vertical. Be sure that these are actually straight as the rest of your drawing can be off if they aren’t.
The horizontal line will point to the eye level while the vertical will place the head in the middle. The reason for making these is to act as guides that can help you insure that the drawing does not get skewed to one side and that different parts of the face don’t get misaligned.
As shown in this example, draw around these lines a simplified representation of the head.

Step 2 – Draw the Ears

Fox ear drawing
Add the details of your ears to the outline of your head. These will be simplified at this point and won’t include any details, bumps or curves.

Step 3 – Outline the Fur Pattern

Fox fur pattern outline drawing
Inside of the face add the lines to define the fox’s fur pattern that will transition from the lower part of it’s face into the eyebrows.
The “fur pattern” refers to the split between the orange fur foxes of this type generally have on top of the head and the white fur they have at the bottom.

Step 4 – Draw the Snout

The Fox nose drawing
Add the outline of your snout to the fur pattern lines from the preceding step. You can start by drawing it’s bottom most portion (the somewhat rounded area around the nose) and then add each of the sides.

Step 5 – Place the Mouth

Fox mouth and snout drawing
To place the mouth, draw a horizontal straight line towards the bottom. You can then outline the inside shape of your snout.

Step 6 – Draw the Facial Features

Illustration of Fox features
The outline should include the nose, eyes and mouth. You can erase the “placement line” from the preview step as you do this.

Step 7 – Draw the Small Details of the Face

Fox face outline drawing with small details
Finally add the last set of details to finish the basic line drawing of the fox’s head.
These will be:

  • The inner parts of the ears, and small curves close to their outer/bottom portions
  • Eyebrows inner curves
  • Small oval-shaped reflections within the eyes
  • Below the eye, curves
  • From the top of your nose to the snout, curves
  • Detail of the nose: upper edge, hints at nostrils
  • Step 8 – Finish the Facial Features

    Drawing of Fox features
    You can start darkening the lines or shading some facial features if you’re happy with how your drawing is looking.
    It is not necessary to alter the line/parts you want to darken in the final stages of your drawing.
    Follow these steps:

  • Completely darken the outlines around the ears
  • Shade the eyes and leave the pupils uncolored
  • You should darken the majority of the lines that mark the snout.
  • Shade in the nose but leave a highlight along it’s upper edge and one for the bottom of each of the nostrils
  • Step 9 – Draw the Fur Along the Cheeks/Eyes

    Fox cheek fur illustration
    A little fur should be added to each cheek and near the edges of the eyes. Make a series of lines to create clumps with varying shapes and sizes, such as the one in the illustration.
    After adding fur, you can remove the lines of your cheeks.

    Step 10 – Draw the Forehead Fur

    Drawing of fox forehead fur
    The fur should be added to the forehead and eyebrows. Draw a shorter line from the forehead to define the fur along the lower eyebrows than you do for the cheeks.
    After adding fur, erase the eyebrows.

    Step 11 – Draw the Fur Pattern Details

    Drawing of Fox fur patterns
    Begin by adding fur to the lines, starting at the top of your cheeks. These lines can be again made quite short.
    You can erase all pattern lines after you have finished.

    Step 12 – Draw the Ear Fur

    Illustration of Fox fur ear
    As shown in this example, add some large fur clumps to the interior of the eras.

    Step 13 – Draw the Mane Fur

    Fox mane drawing
    The fur clumps will be added to complete the mane.
    Reduce these to a smaller/longer length near the top/bottom. Once you are done, erase the outline of your head.

    Step 14 – Clean up the Drawing

    Fox line drawing
    This stage should see your finished drawing. If necessary, make sure everything is perfect and remove any traces.

    Step 15 – Add the Whiskers & Finish the Fox Drawing

    Fox drawing
    The final step is to give your fox some whiskers. You can make them thinner near the base, and thicker as they move away from your snout. These can also be drawn longer towards the top of your head and shorter at the bottom.
    You should finish the drawing.


    This tutorial will show you how to do it. how to make a realistic looking line drawing of a fox’s head/face. The guide provides step-by-step examples that show you how to begin with simple outlines, and add more detail over time. Hopefully you’ve found the breakdown helpful and easy to understand.
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    This tutorial will show you how to do it. how toYou will need to draw a “kunai”, a blade-like object that you can use as a weapon. This consists of seven steps, which include line drawing and shading.

    Step by step Kunai Drawing
    A kunai is often depicted as a weapon of the ninja in manga and anime. Even though they look like daggers now, kunai were once used to grow vegetables.
    This will mean that the kunai is drawing vertically. However, you are free to turn your drawing any way you wish. An example of an angle-drawn kunai is shown at the end.
    Unless you are drawing digitally it’s recommended that you start the tutorial in pencil and make light, easy to erase lines. These lines can be made darker before you color.

    Step 1 – Outline the Blade of the Kunai

    Kunai blade drawing
    Start the drawing with a straight vertical line. This is done to insure the drawing is straight and to show if it is symmetrical.
    Draw the blade towards the end of the line. You can make it’s shape as shown in the example.
    The kunai can be drawn on an angle by drawing the lines on angles.

    Step 2 – Outline the Handle

    Kunai line drawing
    Add the handle by moving up towards the blade. While in it’s cylindrical in shape from this view it will appear similar to a long rectangle. You can define it’s bottom and sides with straight lines but draw the top (back of the handle) curved slightly upwards.
    You should see a thinner handle than the blade on a knife, or dagger.

    Step 3 – Draw the Ring

    Kunai ring drawing
    Add a ring to the handle. First draw it’s outer shape that connects to each side and then the smaller inner circle.
    Once done with this step you should have a basic outline of the main part’s of the kunai.

    Step 4 – Show the Blade Edges

    Kunai blade details drawing
    This is the point where you can remove the middle line from step 1. It runs along the handle, ring and sleeve. Leave it along the blade and draw another pair of straight lines running from it’s upper end towards the corners. These will show you the blade’s sharp edges.

    Step 5 – Draw the Handle Wrap & Finish the Line Drawing

    Kunai line drawing
    Wrap the handle by running along it. You can draw this in a series angled lines, with one straight line at the handle.

    Step 6 – Apply Color

    Kunai drawing coloring
    In anime and manga the metallic part of the kunai can be shown with different shades of grey, depending on the artist’s preference. They may also be painted black.
    This will make the blade a solid gray. The ring can be colored with the same color as the blade, but you should leave some curved reflections of white as in this example. The handle should be a light yellow, with some brown and/or gray.

    Step 7 – Add Shading

    Kunai drawing shading
    The kunai in this example looks flat and bare. This can be fixed by adding some simple shading.
    The shading is applied to this area as if the light were coming from the upper right. This means that the upper left part of the blade will be the lightest (don’t add any more shading to it).
    You can paint the lower left and upper right areas with darker greys. The bottom right part will be the darkest (as it’s facing away from the light). This part can be made darker. Shade the handle’s right-hand side.
    You can shade the reflections depending on the shine of your kunai. Metal will appear duller with darker (or less bright) reflections. You might want this if you are drawing one for a Ninja, as they won’t want shiny objects that draw attention while sneaking around in darkness.
    Manga kunai illustration
    Above is an example of the same kunai drawn on  an angle. It’s once again shaded as though the light source is in the upper left. Because the object is now in a different position, the shading will be slightly different. In this example the left side of the kunai’s blade will be lighter (the base grey) and the right side darker.


    While this is an easy tutorial, you can still use it to help draw your kunai. As other tutorial’s here on AnimeOutline it focuses on the anime style but with a good approach to drawing in general. This tutorial shows that even a simple thing like drawing straight lines to guide you can help avoid common errors. This illustration also shows how simple shading can improve the look of your drawings.
    Check out the following for more information about drawing weapons or other items commonly used in anime:

    Reading time: 4 min

    Today I’ll show you how to draw Luz and Amity hugging from Disney’s Owl House. To make the process as simple as possible, I’ve broken it into multiple steps. This drawing tutorial is for you. It is available below. Enjoy your drawing.

    A Step-by Step Tutorial to Help Kids Draw Luz or Amity Hugging at Owl House

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    It’s available for purchase on the Kindle
    Amazon has it available as a Book

    Written Step-by-Step Drawing Instructions

    (STEP 01). Draw three shapes that look like #3 to begin the painting.
    (STEP 02). Create curved lines along the left side for the faces.
    STEP 03: Draw some curves for the hair. Also, draw an “L”-like shape for the ear on the 1st face.
    (STEP 04) Draw a flattened “V” shape for the bangs on the 1st face. The top of the ear should be drawn, as it looks like an #7 sideways. Draw a sideways “S”-like shape and a sideways “V” shape on the 2nd face.
    (STEP 05) Draw a sideways “S” and “C” shape, as well as 2 curved lines on the 1st face. Draw a curved line, a curved #7 shape, and a backward “C” shape on the 2nd face.
    (STEP 06) Draw a bunch of curved lines and a sideways “C” shape and an upside-down “U” shape for shoulders.
    STEP 07: Draw some curves. Lightly draw zig-zags on the 1st face’s hair (this is where her hair is a slightly different color). Draw a “Z” shape to the right of her face. Draw a sideways “V” shape on the 2nd face.
    (STEP 8) Lightly draw lines across your face. They will not be permanent, but they will assist you in placing facial features at the correct places.
    (STEP 09) Draw a “C” shape eye and a partial backward “C” for the first face’s eyes. Draw curved lines for the 2nd face’s eyes. Drawing a neck and shoulder.
    (STEP 10) Draw 2 “J” shapes for the hair on the 1st face. Complete the eyes for the second side. Draw an upside-down “J” shape below her face. Below her face, draw a #7-shaped curve.
    (STEP 11) Draw “V” shaped eyelashes. Make some lines. Make a curved line for your eyebrows.
    (STEP 12). Draw straight lines at the ends of your eyebrows. You can also draw straight and curved lines.
    (STEP 13). Draw both a circular and a #6 inverted shape within the eyes. On her ear, draw a triangle. For her nose, draw a #7 shape. Draw a backward “C” shape for the 2nd face’s nose.
    (STEP 14) Draw sideways #8 shapes, curved lines, and a sideways “L” shape.
    STEP 15: Draw a straight line at the bottom of every smile. Draw shapes #3 and 44.
    (STEP 16) Draw another #3 shape(these are fingers) and a sideways “L” shape.
    (STEP 17) Draw an “L” shape above 2 of her fingers. You can also draw a line that is wavy.
    (STEP 18) Draw more “L” shapes on top of the fingers. Finish the image by adding a few lines.
    (STEP 19). Remove unneeded lines and guidelines.
    (STEP 20). Colour them in.

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