Fish Drawing — How To Draw A Fish Step By Step

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Fish is a slimy, scaly-skinned vertebrate that inhales through its gills. Drawing a fish, with its unique features and colourful scales is a great way to show off your artistic abilities.
We don’t know. Learn how toDraw a fish and you could end up with more intricate drawings.
A step-by-step guide has been created. how toDrawing a fish is easy in 9 steps.
Each step comes with detailed illustrations to help you understand the steps and provide visual guidance.
We have the right tools for you, whether visuals are your preferred method of learning or detailed instructions.
Whether you are a beginner or an expert in drawing, we’re sure you can follow these steps effortlessly.
This tutorial has many great features. You can customize each step and add your personal style.
Use your creative skills to personalize the colors. Get out your favourite drawing tools and a piece of paper, and begin drawing.
Have fun, and let your creativity flow!

How to Draw a Fish — Let’s get started!

Step 1.

In the center of your piece of paper, draw a sketch of the shape and size of the fish.
To ensure that your fish is drawn in the middle, draw reference lines.
The point where the two lines meet marks the center and it’s where you should draw the outline.

Step 2 — Draw the Gill Cover of the Fish

To create the gills, draw a curve within the outline. This will divide the head from the body.

Step 3 — Next, Draw the Fish’s Caudal Peduncle

Another curved line should be drawn on the tapered portion of the fish’s body just before the tail.

Step 4 — Afterwards, Draw the Pectoral Fin

This step will focus on the pectoral fin, or the fin that is on each side of the fish. Only one fin can be seen because the fish is placed sideways as shown in this illustration.
You can create the fin shape by connecting two curved lines. The pectoral fin should have both the ends of the two curved lines connected.
If drawn properly, it should appear as a rectangular sideways shape with pointed sides.

Step 5 — Complete All the Fins of the Fish

We will now draw the fins that are attached at the top or bottom of the fish. These fins are called the pelvic and dorsal fins, respectively.
Starting from the dorsal fins, draw an elongated curved shape directly connected at the top of the fish’s body.
To create the pelvic Fin, make an upside-down triangular form at the base. See, it’s as simple as that!

Step 6 — Then, Draw the Mouth of the Fish

You will draw an outline that looks like a half-rhombus on the corner of your fish.

Step 7 — Draw the Fish’s Large Circular Eyes

To create an eye, draw a circle around its head. Draw another circle around the eye’s face to draw the pupil. To highlight the iris, make a small circle within the pupil.
When shading the eyes, shade the entire pupil while leaving out the iris unshaded, creating a dramatic “sparkling eyes” effect.

Step 8 — Now, Add Patterns All Over its Body

As shown in this illustration, draw triangular shapes that extend across your fish’s body.
The position of the shapes should be alternate, meaning you must draw the first triangle shape at the top edge of the fish’s body, then draw the second at the bottom edge, and so on.
The patterns on the fish can be modified as you wish. An example of this is the angelfish which has distinctive diagonal lines along its body, while most carps only have scales.
Start by deciding which fish species you wish to draw, then move on. A unique design can be created by you, creating a fish that is truly yours!
Don’t forget to draw parallel lines on the fins to add texture!

Step 9 — Draw Bubbles Coming Out of its Mouth

To create bubbles, draw multiple circles above the fish’s head. It will give the impression that the fish is actually breathing underwater. This makes it seem more natural.
You can see that the fish drawing has been completed. All it’s missing is a dash of colors to make the fish vibrant and colorful!
Now that we have successfully drawn a fish, it’s finally time for the most exciting part, which is picking the colors and coloring your drawing!
You can show your creativity and ability to match different colors.
Fishes can come in many colors depending on their species. So, you’ll definitely have a lot of color options to choose from when coloring your fish. Enjoy playing around with color and watching the fish come to life.

The Fish Drawing is complete!

This step-by-step tutorial will teach you how to draw fish. For both beginners and professionals, this guide will help you learn how to draw fish. how toDraw a fish with all its complex features.
If you love the sea and the majestic creatures that live underwater, we’re sure you’ll have fun!
We are always updating our catalog of “how-to-draw” series, so make sure you keep re-visiting our website to continuously enjoy brand-new drawing tutorials.
Which sea creature do you want to draw? Let us know and we’ll do our best to deliver your requests.
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Don’t be afraid to show off your masterpiece! You’ve worked hard for it, so it is definitely worth sharing!
Thank you for sharing your fish-drawings with us!

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