Foxy Drawing: Step by Step How to Draw Foxy

Five Nights At Freddy’s has become quite the phenomenon in the past few years. Millions of people have jumped from their chairs after this series of frightening games!
The games are also full of many colorful and terrifying characters, and even though they’re made to be scary many people have their favorites.
Foxy is one of the scariest characters in the games, but he’s still many people’s favorite character!
His fans are left wondering what they can do to learn from him. how toTo draw Foxy, they can make their fan art.
This guide is a great resource for all fox lovers!
Here’s a step-by -step guide. how toDrawing Foxy will demonstrate how to recreate the character.

How to Draw Foxy – Let’s get Started!


The first step in our guide is to how toWe will begin with Foxy’s head and ears. Now, let’s draw Foxy. We will begin with the outline of his head.
His head will look very round and have an area where hair tufts will fit.
This will make the sides of his face more pointed and give him a rounded portion for his chin.
The final step is to draw the ears of your client with pointy ovals attached at his head. That’s all there is to it for this step, and you’re ready to move on!

Step 2 – Start drawing his facial details

Once you’ve drawn the outline for your Foxy drawing, it is time to start adding details.
First, draw shapes within the ears. This will help to create their inner portions. Draw three lines above the hole you made in the top of your head.
You can now extend the two lines under that. They will connect on his eyepatch and cross over the eye to the left.
Next, draw a small oval under the patch for his nose and some more round shapes for the other halves.
This step is the final one. You can draw his body in a pear shape underneath his head.

Step 3 – Now, draw more details and add his arms

The third and final step in our guide. how toYou can draw Foxy by adding detail to his drawing and even his arms.
Begin by drawing a small circle around his eyes with a dot in it. Next, draw his eyelids drooping down. You can then give him sharp teeth at the top and bottom.
You can create a rounded form for his stomach by drawing a line as in the example. You can then finish this step by drawing the arms.
These are composed of many smaller sections. The one to the left will be a hook that shows Foxy’s pirate theme.

Step 4 – Draw the first of his legs in this step

The Foxy drawing already looks amazing! We will add his legs here. As shown in the image, first draw his waist under his chest.
After that, you will draw the rounded form for his hip. This will connect to his angular feet. It can be difficult to draw the foot so make sure you refer to the image as you go.

Step 5 – Now, you can finish off his other leg and add any details

Just a few last details are required before you add amazing colors and effects to your photo. how to draw Foxy.
First, you’ll need to add the other leg for Foxy. This leg is very similar to your previous one!
You are done with this step! However, before moving on you will be able to add any additional details that you wish.
Try to make a background which recreates your most favorite or most frightening scene in the game. To complete the scene, you could add other characters from the game.

Step 6 – Finish off your Foxy drawing with some color

You will finish your Foxy drawing by adding amazing colors.
In our reference image, we went with Foxy’s regular coloring of reds, browns and greys for his more metallic parts.
If you want to maintain his color scheme, you can refer to this. But even if it is not possible to do so, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate his favorite colors.
You have the option to experiment with additional colors if you add characters, details, or a background.
It is possible to create a variety of colors by using different tools and art mediums.

Here’s how you can make your Foxy drawing even better…

Use these tips and tricks to make Foxy’s sketch seem even more terrifying!
The cartoony Foxy drawing that you see in the guide was created is quite funny. It’s something that you can play with to create your own version of Foxy, or make several variations.
You could make Foxy appear more like the character he is in the games. You could also try making him as terrifying as you can by including many scary details.
Foxy is just one of the many characters that will hunt you down in this game. To make it more frightening, you could also add animatronic characters.
The characters that you choose to add will depend on which of the following: These characters could be drawn using the same style that Foxy used.
Would you consider adding any characters?
You will see many famous locations in the video games. These places could be used as backgrounds for Foxy drawings!
If you wanted to draw, there would be many beautiful locations. For help, you can use the online game or browse images from the sites to aid you in your drawings.
A new place for Foxy could be another option. That would be a great way to show off what your own Five Nights At Freddy’s level may look like.
We mentioned earlier that you could add more characters from games to your Foxy Sketch. A second idea is to create your own villain character.
It is common for characters to be inspired by animals.
Think of an animal that hasn’t been used in the games, and then you could adapt it into your very own Five Nights At Freddy’s villain and pose them with Foxy!

You are done with your Foxy Drawing!

You have completed the guide. how to draw Foxy!
It was a pleasure to help you draw your character.
If you can break down a photo into small, manageable steps it makes the whole process much simpler and more fun.
Let’s see how imaginative you are! There are a number of ways you can do this. You could draw the background, or add your own details to complete it.
These, along with your choice of colors and mediums for art give you lots of creativity!
You don’t have to stop here, though. Our website has many incredible guides, and new ones are added all the time.
Once your Foxy drawing has been completed, we hope you’ll share it with us on Facebook and Pinterest.