Drawing a bottle

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This tutorial will teach you how to do it. how toYou can draw a bottle in nine steps using very useful tips.

This lesson will be detailed and I’ll tell you. how toDraw a bottle. You will find this useful and you will use the skills acquired in the future to create still lifes.

Let me suggest that you take a short lesson to learn. how toStep by step, draw a bottle. It’s a wonderful object to draw. This bottle is a great drawing object. You can practice straight lines, symmetry and maintaining symmetry.

The picture shows a standard bottle and a cap. It is of standard shape, has a wide neck with narrow sides and an upper part, while a label is stuck to the center.

This bottle is great for household use. You can also pour liquids and water into it. A bottle can be taken on long trips or walks with water.


  • Pencil
  • Papier
  • Eraser
  • Color supplies
  • For your convenience I’ve prepared the PDF version of this lesson. You can download the file to complete the lesson whenever you are free.

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