Drawing a cartoon chick

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What are you waiting for? how toDraw a cartoon girl? You can do it if you follow these steps.
you follow
Follow our steps-by-step instructions and you will soon fly like a bird.
Your creative talents will impress your family and friends!

STEP-1: Getting out of the Shell with something
Essential Shapes

This is the first lesson. how toTo draw a cartoon-style chick,
Sketch some shapes that we can use to build our designs.
A feathered friend. Make a big circle around the head, and draw two sketches.
Small circles are used for the eyes. So, the profile of the head is slightly curved.
Reduce the size of the eye to the right from the one to the left.
Egg-cellent! Now, draw a ‘U’ shape at the bottom left of the head –
These will provide the base for our chick’s wings.

STEP 2: Do not flap. Let’s get more details!

So now that we have the fundamental shapes of our cartoon chick, lets add some!
To make our bird friend even more adorable, we added more features
Start with your head and draw lines over the eyes.
You can find more information here
Show your chicks some emotion.
You don’t think so? It’s because that particular chick auditions
For a role in the computer game Angry Birds you will need to master a
decent scowl….or, should that be fowl? 
Next, it’s time to draw the beak – an essential feature
chick. It is essentially a triangular form as shown in the illustration.
We can now draw an irregular to complete the feathered friend’s body.
Make a circular shape, just slightly bigger than the head. Make a sharp line
To represent feathers, it looks like a mountain range in the back.

STEP 3: Giving your Cartoon Chick some real character

This cartoon chick looks great. It’s now time to increase the number of.
Take the details you have sketched earlier and start working so your
You can let your feathered friends go! Do you remember the beak, dear friend? Let’s close.
this off by drawing the bottom part – a line underneath which meets the
Main beak. 
Although our cartoon chicken may be able to fly, she is also missing her wings.
These are two crucial
things – her legs. At the base of your body draw two W-shaped shapes.
remembering to make these short and stout – these will form the top of
The legs of our cartoon chick. There – we’re almost ready to take flight!

STEP 4: Join together for the finishing touches

But before she can rock along with her flock, our cartoon chick will need to be ready.
All that is needed now is to put some feet on our feathered friend. You can find the at
Draw the outline of the leg base you created in the previous step.
The illustration shows the two legs and the feet. 
Draw one, as though it were seen
From the front, and from the opposite side. Chicks
For digging up worms and grubs, chickens can use their claws or toes.
These are eggs, which you eat.
Get your colored pencils ready for the final stages of this project
Lektion in how toDraw a cartoon girl!

STEP-5 Get cracking with some color

After you are done with the illustration of our cartoon chicken, it’s now time for us to
Grab a pen, and start putting color down! Use a dark brown pencil.
Then, trace the outline and then sand off any excess lines. 
Next, find a bright spot.
Our cartoon chick is wearing a yellow pen. Choose a lighter hue
first a brown color and then an orange beak. Then a darker one is used for the feathered.
friend’s legs.
Last but not least, use a black pen for color.
Don’t forget to take a
Small areas can be made white for highlights. Set, game and hatch! Our adorable
Cartoon chick ready to go!
Now, you know. how toDraw a cartoon-style chick.
Try drawing
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