How to Draw a Crab from Squares and Triangles

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Learn more how toDraw a crab by using simple, curved lines and circles. You can illustrate this beautiful animal with straight lines, squares or rectangles. The latter will be our focus. The first is the easiest to sketch. Ready? We are ready to take the first step. 🙂

Drawing a rectangle for the body

You will first need to draw a rectangular shape that forms the body for the cartoon animal. The shape will be placed horizontally. You should leave enough space around the rectangle to allow for more body parts in later lessons.

You are ready to expand your body.

After you have created the body, draw two smaller rectangles above the original. These will become the claws. You can see two pointed triangles at the bottom to signify the two legs.

Using short triangles to add more legs

You can add more legs to both the sides of your body by using four triangles with pointed ends. Below is an image that shows you the shape and orientation of the triangles. Nice work! You have learned a lot from this lesson. how toDraw a crab well.

Working on the claws for the cartoon crab

Once the lower part is complete, it’s time to work on the top. The large claws of crabs have sharp triangles. Remember that we don’t use curved lines so keep rectangles made only from straight lines.

Two large rectangular shapes make up each claw. They are oriented toward the top of this illustration. After these shapes have been added, you will see the final result.

Create a beautiful facial expression

You can now create your personality by using fun facial expressions. Two black dots are used to draw two eyes inside the body. Make the mouth from one large, broken line. This character has been completed. All that is left to do now is to add color to elevate the image.

how toMake a crab filled full of nice colors

Gradient fills allow you to add colors within the character. The cartoon crab has a predominant orange color. Because gradients were used, it is easy to see how most of the shapes in the subject’s body are darker at the bottom than they are higher up.

You can use this image to get more help in drawing the crab. You will find all steps necessary to draw the crab in one file.

Don’t be shy to make more of this adorable cartoon crab. The curved lines and ovals are used to create these characters. While some are easy to illustrate, others require more detailed details. Practice on a daily basis to enjoy the additional resources. 🙂

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