How to draw a Dragon using Flowers

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With easy to follow instructions, you can create an amazing Dragon with Flowers Drawing. This is a great resource for beginners and children! You can complete the Dragon with Flowers drawing. how toHow to draw a cartoon of a dragon and flowers? You can draw a dragon with flowers cartoon. This dragon is usually adorned with horns or antlers and whiskers. It also represents yang (the principle of heaven and activity) and maleness in the “ying-yang”. This dragon isn’t a monster. It is actually a deity.

Guideline for drawing a dragon with flowers

Step 1: Drawing a Dragon with Flowers Start by drawing the outline for the dragon. Draw the face using curved lines. Next, draw the dragon’s mustache with short curving lines that connect at points. To sketch the lower jaw, draw a series to curved lines. Use a series of curved lines for the lower jaw. Draw the dragon’s face using straight lines. Draw the triangular teeth of the dragon using curved lines. To trace the serpentine neck, draw overlapping curves and intersecting lines. Next, start sketching the lotus flowers. To sketch the petals, use curved lines that intersect or overlap at points. Dragon with Flowers Drawing – Step 4 To continue to draw the teardrop-shaped flowers, use curved lines that intersect at points. To create the teardrop-shaped petals, draw a series U-shaped lines at the centre of each flower. To sketch the dragon’s body and forelimbs, draw a long and curving line. Dragon with Flowers drawing, step 6. Dragon with flowers drawing – step 7. Draw more petals by using straight lines. Next, draw long curves around the body of the dragon. Draw a flame-like tuft at the end of the tail. Drawing Dragon with Flowers – step 8. Detail your dragon. Draw a line from the nose to create whiskers. Enclose the back with a jagged edge. Drawing of Dragon with Flowers – Step 9 Add more lotus flowers to your Dragon with Flowers outline. For the stem of the flowers, draw a set of U-shaped lines. Then create a line that intersects at sharp points. Our dragon has been shaded in green, gold, and pink flowers.

Instructions for drawing printable


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