Here’s How to Draw a Duck in Just Several Steps

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Learn how toDrawing a duck from rectangles may seem difficult. Ducks can be drawn using oval shapes, circles and long, curved lines. Although it is difficult to sketch a figure made with sharp shapes such as squares and rectangles, this exercise can help you quickly illustrate the character. This can help make drawing easier. This makes it much simpler to make square shapes. Ready? Let’s get started.

You can add the head and body by using a square

You can first create a basic square that will form the body for the cartoon duck. You can also use this to create the head. To create additional body parts, remember to allow for some space below and on the sides of this shape.

Drawing a simple triangle beak

You can draw the shape of the beak inside this square by drawing a large triangle. You can make this new shape long or large at the top. This lesson teaches that the beak should be located to the left of the head. Again, we will need to leave some room above the beak in order for us to draw our eyes later.

Making a tail and a wing

To the right of your beak you will find a small square that can be used to draw a wing. You will find this new element on the opposite side to the body, as well as near the bottom. The image below explains how this new shape is placed.

Also, you can draw the tail of your cartoon duck with a small triangle. The location of this one can be found at the bottom left corner of the main square. Nice work! It is a lesson in how toDraw a duck progresses nicely ๐Ÿ™‚

Fun legs sketched using basic shapes

You can also draw legs below the main shape by using small rectangles. One of the legs on the left may be smaller. This easy technique will give the legs a touch of depth. You can draw feet from triangles on the base of your legs.

This lesson can be completed by adding eyes how toDraw a duck

The eyes can be drawn using only a few dots. Both eyes look very similar. Excellent work! Only one more step remains after the cartoon duck has been completed.

It’s possible to use colors to help bring an animal to life

With a vector program, gradients can be used to add depth to the animal. Bright yellow is used to fill this fun duck. Orange is used for the legs and beak. You can choose a simple black color for the eyes.

Nice work! All steps taken once your character is complete are shown below. This image can be used as a guide if you require additional help with drawing the animal.

It was fun to illustrate this duck. Below are more cartoon ducks. The square one can also be drawn, and the other cartoon ducks are made out of oval shapes or curved lines. Enjoy the process and remember to do it daily.

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