Drawing a face from the side: How to draw a face

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In this tutorial, you’ll learn: how toDraw a face on the side using just 9 steps and some helpful tips.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to do it. how toDrawing a portrait from the side is a good idea. It will prove to be an extremely useful lesson. You will certainly use the skills you have learned in the future, when you are asked to draw portraits.

This lesson is for you if you’re an artist or want to increase your creativity. You will be able to learn with the simple instructions. how toDraw a side-by-side face. For example, let’s say I choose the young male face.

The face appears realistic, and it has an accurate anatomical structure. Remember the sequence of steps so that in the future you can easily draw a person’s face from the side.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Color supplies
  • You can now download the PDF version of this lesson for free. You can save this file to your computer and access it anytime you need.

    Guided Drawing Techniques

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