How to draw a great looking finger

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The Art of Learning how toDrawing a finger with a pencil can help you draw more detailed or closer views. Cartoon characters aren’t known for having a lot of detail. We all know that. You will not be able to draw realistic fingers because your hands are represented with only four fingers rather than five. However, you might find it useful to be able to properly draw the body parts. There are three phalanges: the proximal, middle and distal. Also, you will need to place a single nail at the top of your cartoon fingers. This tutorial will demonstrate. how toTo add depth and volume, simply reflect shadows or reflections onto the fingers. Ready? Now let’s take the first step.

You can create a template using just a few shapes

To begin, sketch out a few shapes that can be used as a template for drawing the finger. The three phalanges can be represented using irregular rectangles. A large oval can be drawn for the nail. Draw the shapes correctly as your finger bends slightly. You should also polish your posture to ensure that the proportions are correct.

Drawing the cartoon finger silhouette

Now, you can use the template to create the silhouette for the cartoon finger. The lines drawn from the pointed ends are more thick near their middle.

While lines along the fingers’ tops are bent slightly, those on their bottoms are more curvy. You can then erase any basic shapes you have created (seen in grey below).

Add basic colors to your body area

Once the outline of your finger has been completed, it is possible to add simple colors into the illustration. You can make the finger darker or brighter, while making the nails more vibrant. Nice work! You have learned a lot from this lesson. how toThe process of drawing a finger is going well. To make something more visual, we will need more details.

creating simple shadows using darker colors

You can make a few wrinkles by drawing curved lines along the phalanges. After all lines are drawn, you can use a darker color (lines at the moment are blue; this will be evident in the next step). To represent a shadow, add another large form to the base of your finger.

To create contrast, sketch brighter areas.

To create reflection, draw three shapes on the nails. These three simple shapes should be filled in with brighter colors. To complete the drawing lesson, draw oval-shaped shapes on all three of these phalanges.

Bravo for your learning how toDraw a great finger!

After all the steps have been completed, this is the final illustration. This tutorial has a lot of fun. The finger still looks very real, even though no gradients or complex effects have been used. This image is made up of simple shapes.

You can refer to the below image to help you quickly understand each step. You can always sketch additional versions with different angles, positions and textures. Drawing fingers can be a bit difficult, while drawing whole hands in cartoon form is possible.

We are now done with learning. how toDraw a finger in six simple steps. Practice often, have fun and use these incredible resources.

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