Step-by-step instructions on how to draw a shopping bag

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This video tutorial demonstrates. how toIn eight steps, draw a bag of paper shopping in 3/4 view. This also shows how toUse some base color/shading.

Step-by-step shopping bag design
You will learn how to use perspective drawing techniques on a real object. The tutorial also shows you how to use simple shading, which is not dependent on gradients, to give the drawing a more 3D appearance.
The image below shows a sample of how to draw the stages. It’s recommended that you start the tutorial using a regular pencil. For shading and coloring, you can also use paints or colored pencils.
You can find more information about perspective drawing at:
A Tutorial on Perspective Drawing for Beginners

Step 1 – Make a Perspective Drawing of the Bag

Shopping bag perspective drawing
Draw a rectangle prism in two-point perspective. The main body will be created by this.
Drawing step-by-step shopping bag perspective
It is possible to see both the steps of drawing as well as where the vanishing points are and which perspective lines you will use for the prism.
Draw the sides first, then the front and lastly the top.
Virtually all vanishing points won’t fit on the page. Instead, you can simply look at an object to determine its perspective. However, if you want to draw perspective lines, you can create a thumbnail drawing and use it as a reference to the bigger one.

Step 2 – Draw the Handle Lines

Shopping bag handle lines drawing
Take a prism and draw an outline for the handles. This step is easy. Simply draw one line and define each handle. You also don’t need to be overly precise with the curves of their shapes as these types of handles tend to bend and warp.
Shopping bag handles perspective drawing
The next image shows you how perspective lines can help position handles. Again, if you don’t want to make a thumbnail you can draw a little bit of them in between the two handles.
These lines can be erased again after you’ve completed the previous step.

Step 3 – Outline the Handles

Shopping bag handles drawing
This is the simplest stage. You should ensure that they are uniform in size throughout the length.

Step 4 – Draw the Detailed Shape of the Bag

Shopping bag outline drawing
Based on the prism, draw the shape of your bag. To give the impression that the bag’s material is bent/wobbly (as it is with many paper bags), make the lines which define the bag slightly uneven/wavy.
Shopping bag handle details drawing
A pair of bumps can be drawn from the handle on the bag’s inner side. These are used to show the additional layer of paper that has been added over the handle.

Step 5 – Draw the Folds

Shopping bag folds drawing
The example shows how to draw folds for the front. To give the bag a paper-like feel, make sure to slightly wave the lines that divide them.

Step 6 – Add the Minor Details & Finish the Line Drawing

Shopping bag line drawing
You can also draw vertical lines around the gag on its inner side to indicate the blued paper that is placed over the handle.
After completing this step, you will have a rough sketch of your bag.

Step 7 – Add Color

Shopping bag drawing coloring
You can colorize the shopping bag by using a light yellow to brown tone. You can color the entire item with this color.
You can fill the bag entirely with regular pencils if you’d rather draw in black and white.

Step 8 – Add Shading

Shopping bag drawing
The bag that was not shaded in the last step is a bit flat. It can be easily fixed with some basic shading.
The light from this side will come through the draw. This shaded the front (side with the folds), slightly and made the interior darker.
After you have completed shading, your drawing should look something like the one shown.


A basic understanding of perspective drawing will help you to create art that looks better and is well-structured. Combining basic shading and color knowledge can create a look that is easy to make but looks great.
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