How to draw a simple face

This tutorial will teach you how to: how toIn just nine steps, you can draw a simple facial expression. Use this guide to learn useful drawing techniques!

This tutorial will teach you how to: how toDraw a simple facial expression. This step-by-step guide is sure to be helpful. You will also learn skills that you can use to draw other faces in the future.

This lesson was specifically designed for beginners. It explains in detail. how toMake a simple, recognizable face. The picture below shows the teenage face. Here, you will see simple lines with a minimal amount of elements.

It is easy to draw a facial expression, even for the first time. These instructions are easy to follow and each step includes a hint. To achieve an outstanding result, be sure to follow all steps of the drawing process.


  • Pencil
  • Papier
  • Eraser
  • Colouring supplies
  • You can download the PDF file that I created especially for you. This file contains simplified instructions as well as other helpful materials. You can download the file to start drawing whenever you like!

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