Drawing a Simple Tree

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This tutorial will teach you how to learn today. how toWith helpful tips and nine simple steps, you can draw a tree for children.

Let me share with you another lesson that I think you’ll find interesting. how toDrawing a simple tree is easy. These skills can be used in future drawings to create beautiful new designs.

Below is an easy method to draw a basic tree. This instruction is easy to follow for beginners. The instructions are simple enough to be repeated.

Trees are made up of the trunk, branches and leaves. These elements will be easy to draw if you’re careful and precise. In this lesson, you can use freehand lines. This includes the ability to slightly modify the placement of branches or shape of foliage.

When you are able to draw landscapes, you will have the skills you learned. Keep track of all steps to draw trees quickly if you need them.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Colouring supplies
  • Last but not least, download a PDF file containing a summary of the lesson. This file can be used to repeat the lesson any time you want, even without Internet access.

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