How to Draw a Unicorn

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On this straightforward drawing information, you’ll study how to draw a unicorn. Draw totally different characters and animals with us!

Hello all! This easy drawing tutorial is about how to draw a unicorn. The unicorn is a very magical creature that seems in lots of legends, cartoons, and tales. For hundreds of years, nice minds have turned to the picture of those wayward animals. Leonardo da Vinci himself composed a fable about them, Raphael wrote “The Girl with the Unicorn”, historic Greek historians spoke about unicorns of their writings as if we have been now describing thoroughbred horses or white rhinos. Sure, and fashionable classics don’t bypass unicorns – bear in mind the Harry Potter saga. When Harry purchased his first magic wand from the shop, he discovered that every wand had a robust magic substance in it, and unicorn mane hair was one of many strongest within the Harry Potter universe.
The unicorn is a logo that embodies safety, the Aristocracy, concord, and steadfastness. At the moment we’ve ready for you a handy step-by-step instruction, and we hope that drawing a unicorn can be a simple and fascinating job for you!

Time wanted: 20 minutes. How to Draw a Unicorn

  • Type the pinnacle. Start by drawing the fundamental form of the character’s head.
  • Physique sketch. Now beneath the pinnacle, sketch out the fundamental form of the unicorn’s physique.
  • Add legs. Sketch out the primary a part of the legs, that are visually nearer. Use the instance from the step to get the sketch as proven.
  • The second a part of the legs. Now draw the following a part of legs.
  • Add the tail. Draw the tail of the unicorn utilizing curved traces as within the instance. Additionally draw the hooves of the unicorn utilizing straight traces.
  • Add particulars. Draw an ear within the type of a leaf, after that draw a round form for the attention, in addition to a line on the face of the unicorn.
  • Draw the mane. Now you want to draw the plush mane of the unicorn in the identical approach as proven.
  • Element the pinnacle. Element the pinnacle of the unicorn by drawing the horn and the remainder of the main points which can be proven for you within the instance in blue.
  • Shade your drawing. Earlier than you cowl your stunning art work with paint, you need to use a fountain pen and hint the outlines of your sketch. Thus, your work will prove clearer and sharper.

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