How to draw a Zebra Face

0 3 team will guide you through this drawing tutorial how to draw a zebra face. A realistic drawing of the zebra’s head will result if everything is done correctly.
Using the methods we shared with you earlier, we’ll show you how toThe easiest and most accurate zebra facial drawing.
So let’s start the lesson and learn how to draw a zebra face.

Step 1.

Make a small circle by using only very thin lines. This is what we did in this example. This simple geometric figure will later serve as the basis for the zebra’s head.

Step 2

After that using a couple of long and slightly curved lines outline the zebra’s neck. With a few lines, and an oval small enough to represent the face of a zebra, next draw it.

Step 3

Draw a line in the center of the circle that corresponds to the initial step. This will draw the eyes. Then, draw the ears on the top portion of the circle.

Step 4

Draw the mane at the top of your neck and head. After that using a smooth line draw the zebra’s jaw at the bottom of the circle.

Step 5

It’s time to start working on the details. Next, draw the eyes for the zebra using the outline. You can then detail the ears using both dark and clear lines to give them a fuller look.

Step 6

Next, using smooth and clear lines, carefully detail the front of the zebra’s muzzle, drawing the mouth and nostrils.

Step 7

Next, draw the texture for the neck and head of the zebra using smooth and long lines. Or, you can create your own texture.

Step 8

To make the drawing of the zebra’s head look more realistic, fill in the stripes and eyes of the zebra using hatching. Don’t forget to leave glare in the eyes.

Step 9

Add shadows to make the drawing of the zebra’s face more voluminous. This was what we talked about. how toDraw shadows properly and learn what shadows are in our article on shadow and light.

For those looking to learn, this lesson on drawing zebra faces will prove very helpful. how toDraw this adorable animal. For more information, click here how toLearn how to draw the remaining parts of the body. how to draw a zebra. Learn more how toDraw other animals and then go to our Animals category.

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