Tutorial on Drawing Manga Mouths & Anime Mouths

This video tutorial demonstrates. how toDraw an anime mouth in three views: the side, front and 3/4. Three variations in total, with several examples each.

Anime mouth drawing different views
This tutorial focuses on drawing a manga or anime-style mouth. It describes. how toYou can achieve an anime-like look. how toPlace the mouth on your head.
The style guide is simple, but it’s quite comprehensive.

Drawing an anime mouth from the front view

Drawing of the front of an anime mouth
Here is an example of anime/manga mouths. There are some exceptions.
Front view of the anime mouth gap drawing
You can draw the entire mouth as a simple curve with some gaps in the middle, such that the whole thing looks like this.
The reason for adding the gap may be to give a hint of the tip of the upper lip (the tubercle) which sort of “cuts” into the opening of the mouth making it look like there is a break there.
The mouthlines can be made narrower toward the edges and wider towards the gap. However, this is not always possible or necessary when you draw very small drawings.
While having this gap is fairly common it’s not necessary. Some anime characters and styles have it while others don’t. It’s really up to you weather or not you want to draw the mouth with it or without.
Drawing of the front view of an anime mouth
Vertically dividing the head into 8 evenly-spaced sections is one way to position the mouth. With the mouth a little bit higher than the lower lip, the bottom lip will be one-eighth of an inch above the chin.
The bottom lip is not always shown in manga and anime, as we have already mentioned. Knowing where the bottom lip should be placed can make it easier to position your mouth.
Drawing of the mouth in anime with lips
Below you will see how the mouth might look if your lips were drawn.
This placement technique is only a guideline to create an anime-looking character. The position of the mouth on the head can be affected by different characters and styles.
A second thing you should be conscious of is the possibility that your facial expressions can cause the mouth to shift. These can be drawn at:
Drawing Manga Mouth Expressions and Anime
If you’re drawing your entire face, then it may be possible to place the mouth in a different way. This option is available towards the end.

Illustration of an Anime Mouth Starting at 3/4 View

Illustration of 1/2 of an Anime Mouth
The 3/4-view illustration of anime mouths is often drawn almost as a straight line without any lips. However, the curve in this instance will not be as symmetrical like the one in front.
3rd view of the anime mouth gap
You can move the middle of your mouth in the same direction as the turn of your head. The gap, described in the preceding example, can also be moved with it. In this view, the sides closer to the eye should be drawn longer than the ones farther away.
Illustration of the anime mouth in 3/4-view
In 3/4 view, the position of the mouth is the same as in the front. Again, you can divide your head into eight vertical parts and position the mouth slightly higher that the first from the bottom.
Illustration of an anime mouth, 3/4 view with lips
You can see the result of drawing the lips.

Draw an anime mouth from the side view

Drawing of the mouthside in anime
The side view can be more difficult than the 3/4 and front views. The front view of the mouth will have the mouth looking half as big (though it is slightly narrower). However, you still will need to be able to clearly see your lips and nose.
Drawing lips of an anime side-view.
You can draw the lips as an outline or silhouette. You can draw the lips by first drawing a line between your nose & your chin. Next, you will use this straight line to guide where to place them.
Place both your lips at the same time to create a generic appearance.
Illustration of an anime mouth view with an alternate lip shape
You can change the shape of your lips to suit the look that you’re going for, as shown in the next illustration.
See: for more illustrations of anime lips
How to draw anime lips tutorial
Drawing of side view showing the mouth of an anime
This will create a small gap between the edges of your mouth and the shape of your lips. It is possible to make your mouth narrower in the direction of the gap, and wider towards the edges. Remember that you can add the gap or alter the thickness of your line, but this is up to you (as I explained in the previous example).
Drawing showing the side of an anime’s mouth
As you can see, the location of the mouth is clearly shown in the example above. You can see that the lower lip is 1/8th of the length of the forehead. The mouth opens slightly more than this.
Drawing of the mouth in anime with lips
When drawing in this view it’s important to note that the “bottom lip area” refers to the actual red part of the lip and not the area where the chin starts to curve into the lip. As you can see in the image above, this is important.
Side view of the Anime mouth and nose placement
When drawing side views of the lips, it is helpful to have a good idea of where your nose is. Unlike in the front and 3/4 view you can’t really avoid drawing it when outlining the head.
Generally the placement of the nose will be with it’s tip just above another 1/8 of the way up from the bottom of the lip (about 1/4 distance up from the bottom of the head). This can vary depending on your style and character.
See: for more illustrations of drawing the mouth of an anime character from a side view.
How to Draw Anime & Manga Mouths – Side View
While the tutorial may contain some redundant information at the beginning, there are many additional examples.

Drawing the Anime Face with Mouths

Animation of the anime-mouth with facial features
The example shows the general placement of facial features on the head for this tutorial.
You don’t need to divide the face into 8 parts when drawing it. Instead, place the eyes at the horizontal halfway point of your face. Next position the nose halfway up the nose with the base of your nose. Position the bottom lip halfway between your nose and the nose.
It works with all the head views in this tutorial. This method or similar techniques can also be used in most face-drawing tutorials on AnimeOutline.
These are just a few examples:


The animation mouths look much simpler than real ones. They are drawn with very few details. The tutorial will show you how to draw them. There are however many variations in the anime style based on the character type and the artist’s preference. Try it out and discover what works for you.
You can also find detailed instructions on how to draw facial features in anime or manga.