Drawing Closed Eyes

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This drawing guide will show you how to draw. how toDraw closed eyes. Although this is easier than drawing normal open eyes, it’s still a lot more difficult. These six steps will get you an outstanding result.

Step 1.

Begin by drawing two lines that intersect in the middle of your sheet. These lines will serve as a reference for all subsequent steps. Place these lines on the face of your character if they are being drawn.

Step 2

Two smooth arcs should be drawn at the base of the horizontal line. Take note of the distance between these two arcs and the vertical center line. These lines are extremely smooth and have very little bend.

Step 3

Make your eyebrows more defined. Any shape you like can be used for your eyebrows. As a guide, use the contours from the previous step. You must match the contours on the eyelids with your eyes. You can also draw the nose contours. You can draw lines with smooth strokes that are narrower at the center using light strokes.

Step 4

This guide continues. how toDraw with your eyes closed. You can delete any lines that are not necessary and then evaluate whether your drawings are correct. You can correct any inaccuracies by locating them. Make sure all lines are symmetrical.

Step 5

Make eyelashes. Although it is a general rule that women and girls have thicker eyelashes than men’s, there are exceptions. To create the eyelashes of your dreams, you can use long and gently curled lines.

Step 6

Recheck all basic lines. Also delete any lines that are not necessary from the previous steps. Make sure to trace the final contours.

You can improve your drawing abilities by trying different angles. Try different expressions and eyelid positions. You can also add shadows depending on the lighting. It will help you improve your shadow drawing skills as well as your overall drawing ability.

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