Step by step guide on drawing evil eyes

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It’s a wonderful time to have a conversation how to draw evil eyes. Drawing eyes is easy. Now let’s try drawing real emotions. It will not be difficult, but it will give you an amazing result. Follow the same steps as our sample.

Step 1.

First, let’s create a good basic part. In the example, draw two straightlines. You should cross the horizontal line about one-third of vertical.

Step 2

The lesson is still being learned. how to draw evil eyes. Draw the eye’s upper border. Don’t draw too many slopes or too sharp lines. You will create cartoonish, evil looking eyes for your children.

Step 3

You can also add bottom borders. Smooth lines should be drawn that cross the horizontal line, as shown in this example. The borders shouldn’t be too round.

Step 4

The upper and lower eyelids should be drawn. For the appearance of somewhat closed eyes, make sure that your upper eyelids is visible. Combining this expression with the slanted eyebrows will give you a heavy, cold look. You can also check our tutorial on eye anatomy. Once you have read this tutorial, each line will make sense.

Step 5

Take out any extra lines. The eyebrows should be drawn above the lines of the previous step. To avoid creating caricature, don’t draw your eyebrows too steeply.

Step 6

Draw pupils. We have often said that the position of pupils determines where the gaze is directed. Take a look at our example to get a good idea of how it looks. The ideal look is one that causes an unfavorable sensation.

Step 7

Add shadows. This will make the eyes appear even longer. The effect is that your head tilts directly over you.

Step 8

This is what you will get. If your drawing looks different, you can trace the area where it is wrong and fix it.

We hope that you found this drawing guide useful. You can draw many types of evil eyes. This drawing can be used to create a character picture. Don’t forget to leave your comments! We love to read them.

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