Drawing Merlin with a Magical Touch

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The Art of Learning how toYou can draw Merlin easily with this step-by-step tutorial. By adding vibrant colors to your character and having a playful posture, you can add your magical touch. Let me show you. how toUse plain colors to draw simple shadows. These details will create a beautiful version of Merlin. While many different versions have been created over the years of this character, this tutorial will be featuring my personal version. You will love this tutorial. Let’s get started. 🙂

Create a template for the measurements and posture.

Let’s first draw some basic shapes that will help us find the subject within the workspace. This is a great opportunity to improve the position of Merlin. Also, it is essential to have the right proportions. To form the head, draw a circle. To illustrate your hat, draw a few shapes that aren’t quite as regular. To form the base of the hat, you can draw two triangles on each side of your head. This step can be completed by creating a long, pointed triangle for the beard.

Adding more forms to the lower body

Now you can create more unusual shapes for the bottom of your body. You can see that the right hand is drawn close to the body, while the left is in the air. One long magic stick is held in the left hand. The body should be narrower near the waist. It is possible to make your shoulders wider or the portion near your feet.

Drawing the silhouette of our cartoon Merlin

Once you have created all the basic shapes, now it is time to draw Merlin with a mixture of short and long pointed lines. The head, the beard and the hat can all be drawn. The next one is composed of several smaller lines.

This outfit also features long, pointed lines. The waist is adorned with a simple belt. Don’t forget the left hand that holds the magic stick. After you’re done with the drawing, all previous basic shapes can be erased.

Working inside the head creates a beautiful face

You can make two big circles underneath the hat to show the eyes. Puppils are created from smaller shapes. A short, curved line is used to represent the nose. The four straight lines that form the mustache are simple. Great work! You have learned a lot from this lesson how toDrawing Merlin is going well

Add more detail to the illustration

To complete the illustration, draw smaller lines inside the character. For texture, first sketch some lines within the belt. For a more natural result, you can draw long lines within the ensemble. Excellent! This is it! Now it’s time for some color!

Let’s make our subject come to life with basic colors

After you have completed drawing Merlin you can use plain colors. Brown can be used for the hat, stick, and belt. Gray mustache and beard. The costume is purple, and the pupils blue. To enhance the cartoon character, we can add one thing.

To create depth and volume, draw shadows

To add depth to this illustration you could draw simple shadows in certain places. Draw plain shapes on your forehead and both the sides of the head (filled with dark colors). You can also draw shadows on the magic stick, left hand and beard.

There are a few more shadows that can be drawn, then it is done

You can add shadows to the outfit by doing this. The left side of your beard should have a large outline. Darker areas create shadows. Below, you can see the new additions (surrounded by a temporary pink outline).

Great job learning how to draw merlin

Congratulations! Now we are finished sketching the basic version of Merlin. Once you have a better understanding of the character, feel free to make your own. The pose and proportions can be modified, as well as adding details to the character’s appearance.

Learn all the steps how toSee the image below to learn how you can draw Merlin. You can study the illustration below for more details.

Once you’re done with this cartoon Merlin, we invite you to see more characters from this series. Take some time to have fun and practice often. 🙂

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