How to Get Larger Lips

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Many people dream of having big, full lips and it’s for good reasons.
Lips with fuller texture look more youthful, feminine and appealing. Flat, thin lips can be a sign that you are getting older. The collagen in our bodies decreases as we age. This causes us to lose the lusciousness of our lips.
Getting plump lips isn’t easy, especially when most people are born with small, thin lips.
Wondering how to get bigger lips? If you answer yes, you’re in luck since there are several ways to plump up your lips.

You might consider lip fat grafting

The procedure of fat grafting involves the removal and transfer of fat tissue from another part or body. These fat tissues typically come from your stomach, rear thighs and buttocks.
Many things can be done with fat grafting. It can add volume to your lips and correct deep, broad, or sagging lines around the mouth.
Lip fat grafting’s effects can last up to five years, if not longer. However, since the lips are so fragile, there’s a possible risk of abnormal outcomes from fat grafting. A minor surgery will be required to remove fat from another area of the body.

Make use of a lip plumper

If you prefer not to undergo surgical lip augmentation, there’s a less risky and less costly alternative to temporarily boost the suppleness of your lips—by using a lip plumping device.
Lip-plumping gadgets claim they will enhance your lips within two minutes. The device works by compressing the lip for up to a couple of hours. It increases blood flow, and can also increase size. You can choose to use either a silicone or battery-powered tool, depending on what you prefer.

Use Lip Masks

If you prefer treatments that don’t involve batteries or power, you can consider lip masks.
Another way to achieve smooth and deeply moisturized lips is with lip masks. By soaking your lips with collagen, sheet masks can give you a more fuller look.
Night lip treatments can include sheet and liquid lip treatments. They may also include collagen peptides, honey, or another moisturizer that moisturises your lips to promote fullness.

Apply scrubs and exfoliate

Exfoliation is a method known for eliminating dead skin cells from the skin’s outer surface. Exfoliation helps maintain smooth skin. You can even make your lips plumper, fuller, and more vibrant by exfoliating.
The benefits of exfoliating are increased blood circulation. You can achieve a natural, more radiant glow by increasing the blood flow to your lips. While applying scrubs to your face and body, don’t forget to include your lips. You may have to exfoliate the lips using a special product, like a sugar scrub. These products smoothen your lips.

Make sure to use lip liners correctly

Lip liner, if used properly can greatly improve your lips’ appearance. Ensure you don’t go too far with this because nobody wants to see an overlined lips. You might end up making your lips look more plump than they actually are.
It is important to trace a second line within your lips, starting at the outer border of your lips. Follow the natural curve of your lips and avoid creating a dramatic cupid’s bow or straying too far off your lip line. To find the best color for you, test different shades on your skin. Keep it subtle.

Make Cosmetic Injections

Botox, lip fillers and other cosmetic injections can improve the overall appearance of parts of the skin. This is a very popular way to remove wrinkles and add volume to your lips. It results in larger lips, plumper cheeks and softened brow furrows. They require very little downtime for recovery.
Before administering the injection, a medical professional will inspect your lips and assess your facial balance. After that, they’ll determine which parts of your lips need plumping and enhancing. You can use Find My Cosmetic Injector if you are interested in this procedure to increase your lips size.

Last Thoughts

There are many options for getting bigger lips. There are many ways to increase your lips size. Some may choose surgery. Others might opt for non-invasive procedures such as collagen injections or lip plumpers.
These tips will give you a fuller look and boost your confidence if you have thin lips.
Research any method that you decide to use and speak with professionals before beginning treatment.

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