Here are 5 ways to have your car towed completely free.

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People often ask how they can get their cars towed free online. Sometimes they’re even searching it while standing on the side of the road! It is a fact that every day you drive out of your home, you are not guaranteed to be safe. You would make a terrible mistake not to have contingency plans for a vehicle breakdown.

If you call the towing company directly, then they’ll usually charge you for that service. But what if you don’t have the cash to pay on the spot? These are the kinds of situations you need to prepare for. We will now provide five possible options. how toYou can tow your car free of charge

Is there a free service for towing?

Let’s get this question out of the way: yes! While free towing services are available, these services tend to be less common than paid ones. Service companies offer both paid and free services.

These types of services are offered by:

  • Insurers
  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Auto shops
  • You can find many more. You can read on to find out about five of the most popular options.

    What can you do to know when your car needs to be towed?

    You might not have the experience to know when your car is ready to be towed. Are you able to fix it yourself, or are you going to waste hours trying? You need to be clear about when to call for help.

    This is what you should do if your car doesn’t start working.

  • You can apply the brakes, and the vehicle will be directed to an area off the main roads.
  • Turn the ignition on to start the engine.
  • You can call a mechanic to inspect the cables, or ask a friend to jump start the car.
  • If it doesn’t work, then avoid forcing the engine further. You have now concluded that your car won’t start regardless of what you try. You have no other option than to contact a tow truck. How do you go about it? And which companies are willing to take your vehicle away for no cost? Let’s look at your options!

    Five ways to get your car towed free:

    We have listed the available options to help you get your vehicle towed completely free.

    1. AAA

    AAA offers its customers towing free of charge. AAA members can receive up to 200 miles worth of towing free, depending on whether your plan is eligible.

    Registering is quick and simple. Your car can be towable immediately.

    AAA provides customers with bonuses they may be eligible for. These bonuses can be used to lower your monthly service fees or allow you to receive a complimentary service.

    While towing is free if you’re already an AAA member, note that membership itself is usually not free. The annual fee for a AAA membership is $50, depending on what plan you choose. Refer friends to get AAA family plans and lower your annual fees.

    2. Costco

    Costco also offers auto insurance. Costco offers free towing and roadside assistance for Gold Star members who have car insurance. Your insurance company will pay up to $75 each time your vehicle breaks down.

    Gold Star members can get discounted towing services even if they are not Gold Star. If the towing cost is less than $75, you can enjoy this service free of charge.

    3. Credit card benefits

    Some credit cards offer bonuses for towing. You should do your research to ensure you are able to enjoy this service. You should verify that the company provides towing coverage for customers and how much. You will need to fill out the paperwork if they offer such coverage.

    Most credit card companies are not willing to cover towing fees, but they may be able to help you reduce your costs by paying a part of the cost. Chase Freedom Unlimited is one card that offers roadside assistance.

    4. Auto warranty

    You may qualify for free towing benefits if you purchase a new vehicle from a dealership that provides free towing. These companies will typically pay for the service up to 36000-50000 mile.

    This benefit is not offered by all dealerships. You’ll need to do your research when shopping for a car to buy and adding extra services. Before you call the dealer to confirm your purchase, it is important to get a quote from a tow company that can move your car to safety.

    5. Auto insurance

    An auto insurance company may offer towing free of charge. There are many insurance companies that offer this service.

    Although you might be required to pay some, your insurance company may reduce your liability so that you won’t have to tow any cars.

    It is a good idea to inquire about the availability of this plan when you purchase auto insurance. You should ask them if you can get discounted towing for your auto insurance.

    Conclusion: Car Towing Free

    Many factors will influence how you can get your vehicle towable for free. Consider whether your insurance, service plan, credit card or warranty offers towing free of charge.

    Although you will still need to contribute a certain percentage to the cost of towing, you can get a discount from a provider that offers car towing services.

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