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Water will eventually get trapped in the grilles of an iPhone’s speaker grilles, regardless of whether it is dropped into a bathroom or dog’s water bowl. It is difficult to get water out of the speaker grilles because it can cause audio playback to become softened and muffled by water exposure. There’s an app to help you do this. All iPhone models, since late 2016, have been equipped with water resistance protection. iPhone 7+, 8 Plus, X, XR and SE are IP67-rated to a depth of 1 meter in 30 minutes. iPhone XS, XS, and newer models have IP68 ratings to a depth of two, four and six meters respectively. Depending on the model, an Apple Watch vibrates to remove water from the speakers. Apple doesn’t have a way to expel water from its speakers. A few iPhone patents cover the ability to expel water from iPhones. We may one day be able to see an iPhone equipped with this feature. Sonic is an application by Von Bruno that simulates the Apple Watch function. While many water ejection apps are available in the App Store, some charge subscriptions and you may use it only once every few years. Sonic is a trusted tool that we’ve used since the beginning.


If you own an iPhone 5 or 6, it is best to not use this app as it can damage the speakers. Lay your iPhone speaker-side up on an absorbent, non-linty cloth. Wait for the water to escape. Sonic is able to speed the entire process, even though iPhones are rated IP67 and IP68.

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It has been updated to iOS 14 and works well on iOS 15. You can use it on iOS 13, as well as iPads with iOS 13. Pay to have ads removed, change waveform styles, or save frequently used frequencies. All of this is unnecessary for water ejection.

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  • Automated Water Extraction from Your Speakers

    Sonic uses low-frequency tones to expel water from speaker enclosures, just like other water expulsion applications. Apple Watch’s Water Lock function uses “a series of tones” in order to drain water from the device. However, Apple does not specify which low-frequency sounds are being used. Sonic creates a tone which seems to work most of the time. To clear the iPhone’s speakers of water, you need to tap on the water drop icon at the top right after opening Sonic. Sonic will play the correct frequency tone and you need to increase the volume on your iPhone to get enough vibrations to loosen the water. You can then place your iPhone and the speakers on a absorbent, lint-free, cloth. Depending on the amount of water present, small droplets should be seen exiting your speaker grilles. Some water droplets may even be visible from the front speaker near the earpiece. Even if the water doesn’t appear to be leaving, you should hear your phone sound normally again within a few seconds. Tap the water icon to stop the tone. After tapping on the water drop icon to play, Sonic will produce the same sound regardless of whether it is displaying a frequency output of 1080Hz or 440Hz.

    You can manually get water out of your speakers

    To clear the water from your iPhone’s speakers, you can use another frequency. Alternate to using the “water drop” icon to adjust the frequency, you can do it manually. You can use the minus (–) and plus (+) signs to lower and increase the frequency or swipe down or up on the screen to do the same at a faster pace.We frequently see 165 Hz referenced online, so somewhere between 150 Hz and 200 Hz is a good place to start. You can turn up the volume and then tap “Play” when you’re done. Once you have the frequency at the perfect level, vibrational sound waves of pressure or displacement will vibrate the water to shake it out. Use an absorbent, clean cloth to capture the drops. When done, tap “Stop.”

    You can also remove water from your iPhone speakers using other methods

    Sonic is simple to use and a great app for anyone who drops their iPhone in a toilet bowl or any other water source. Sonic isn’t the only way to remove moisture from your iPhone speakers — you can also use a shortcut or website, as seen in the video below.
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