How to Install and Use IPTV On Xiaomi Mi Box And TV Stick

Xiaomi Mi Box, Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, are streaming devices similar to Firestick, Roku and Apple TV. This Android-based device can be installed various MiTV apps (including IPTVs) via the Play Store. With an internet connection, you can access live MiTV applications as well as on-demand content. Mi TV can also support casting so that you can enjoy IPTV content with your M3U playlist. Let’s now discuss how to stream IPTV using the Mi TV Stick and Xiaomi Mi Box.

Why install VPN on Mi Device when streaming IPTV

ExpressVPN and NortonVPN are two of the most reliable VPNs that you can use to conceal your IP address. A VPN is required to stream IPTV to Mi Box. A VPN will allow you to bypass any copyright issues. VPNs can also be used to bypass geo-restrictions so that you are able stream all titles in any format without restrictions.

How to install an IPTV with the Xiaomi Mi Box or TV Stick

On the Xiaomi Mi Box App Store, you can find IPTV Service Providers. IPTV Service providers like GSE SMART IPTV, IPTV Smarters Pro, Smarters Player Lite, TiviMate, Perfect Player, etc. These service providers can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

1. Use the HDMI port to connect your Mi Box and your TV.

2. Check that your internet connection is active.

3. Click on the Play Store icon from the top of the screen.

4. Select the Search option on the Play Store.

5. Select Smarters Player Lite and type it.

6. Click on the “Install” button on the screen that displays app information.

7. Wait for Smarters Players Lite to be downloaded on your Mi Box.

8. Click Open for the app to be launched

9. You can stream TV live by signing in to your IPTV account

How to Sideload IPTV from Xiaomi Mi Box and TV Stick

Though we have lots of IPTV service providers available on the Google Play Store of Mi Box, some aren’t currently available. Sideloading the IPTV App from another source is possible.

1. Navigate to your home screen, and then click the Settings button.

2. Select the Security and Restrictions settings.

3. You can choose the Unknown Sources option.

4. Click Yes on the prompt

5. Open Play Store

6. The Downloader App can be downloaded from the Play Store to your Mi Box.

7. Click on the URL in the Downloader app.

8. You can enter the GSE Smart IPTV APK URL or any URL that you wish to install.

9. Just click Go, and the app will download.

10. Select the “Install” button.

11. You can stream any video content by opening the IPTV App and entering your login information.

Other ways to stream IPTV from a Xiaomi Mi Box, TV Stick or other devices

You can use screen mirroring or casting to stream the IPTV app from your TV if you are unable to sideload or install it on the Mi Box. Casting is possible if the application you select supports it. You will have to screen-mirror your phone or laptop onto the Mi TV screen.

How to Cast IPTV On Xiaomi Mi Box Or TV Stick

1. You can connect your Android and iOS smartphones to the same WiFi network you use for your TV Stick, Mi Box or Xiaomi Mi Box.

2. The Smarters player Lite/IPTV smarters pro or other cast-supported IPTV streaming service providers can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store.

3. Start the IPTV app by tapping the Cast icon.

4. From the following list, select your Mi device.

5. Your favorite IPTV content can be cast to your Mi Box, Mi TV Stick.

Screen Mirror IPTV with Mi Box and Mi TV Stick with Android Settings

1. You must ensure that both your Android smartphone (and Mi streaming device) are connected to the same WiFi network.

2. Get the IPTV App that allows you to stream.

3. Pull down the Notification Bar and click on the Cast option.

4. Select your Mi device.

5. Start streaming by opening the IPTV App.

How to screen mirror IPTV to Mi Box/Mi TV Stick

1. Your iPhone and iPad can be connected to the same WiFi network that your Mi device.

2. You can install any IPTV app.

3. Tap the Screen Mirroring button in the Control Center.

4. Choose Mi Box from the drop-down menu.

5. Start streaming from the IPTV app once the screen has been mirrored.

Use Computer to cast IPTV onto Mi Box or Mi TV Stick

1. You can connect your computer to your Mi device over the same WiFi network.

2. Start the Google Chrome browser.

3. Navigate to the IPTV website you wish to stream.

4. Sign in.

5. Click anywhere you see on your screen to select the Cast option.

6. Choose your Mi Box device, then choose Cast Tab in the Sources dropdown.

7. After the tab has been mirrored you can stream any video that you wish.

IPTV with Xiaomi Mi Box and Xiaomi TV Stick: Problems

1. Reinstall the IPTV App on your streaming device.

2. If you are sideloading, make sure that the third-party source is reliable and doesn’t harm your device.

3. Reliable VPN services are recommended.

4. Make sure to check for internet connectivity.

5. Log out, log back in or restart the app. You can check if the subscription still has validity.

5. Turn on the streaming device.

6. Clearing caches can help you free up space.

7. Try factory reset as an option.

Customer Support

Customer support depends on which IPTV service provider you are using to stream. You can contact customer service of Xiaomi Mi Box and TV Stick if you have any problems with your device. You will also find the FAQ section, which answers all of your questions. Scroll down and select the Contact Us option. Enter the required details and then send an email to your question.


The Xiaomi Mi Box streaming device is one of our favorites. Many IPTV players and service providers will support Android phones. The Mi TV Stick/Box is a great option for streaming your favourite live TV channels as well as on-demand content. It also offers many other streaming services and more features.

Commonly Asked Questions

Are there any IPTV software that can be used with Xiaomi Mi Box S to stream IPTV? There are many great IPTV apps available for Xiaomi Mi Box S, including TiviMate and Smarters Player. Perfect Player is also a good option. IPTV Pro is also a popular choice. Can IPTV Box be legal? Yes. IPTV Boxes are legal provided you stream content from licensed providers. Mi Box can connect to any TV. If your smart TV supports HDMI, you can connect Mi Box to any TV. You can stream IPTV with the Xiaomi Box S. Yes. Yes. You can watch IPTV from Xiaomi Box S. No. No.