How to keep curly hair out of your face 

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You are more likely to show off your curly hair on a daily basis if you have it. Curly hair, unlike straight hair, is versatile. It can be styled so many different ways. But curly hair can cause irritation by getting in your eyes or face. If you’re tired of your curly hair getting in your face, causing you to keep swiping your hair away, then here are some tips for keeping it out of the way, so you won’t have to keep pushing it out of the way.

What can I do to get curly hair off my face?

It can get annoying to have to constantly comb your hair. That’s why I have made it my personal mission to help you! This article is designed to help you do exactly that. Here are 8 ways you can keep curly hair from your face.

A custom-tailored haircut is possible

It may prove difficult to manage curly hair if you have long hair. A custom haircut can be requested by your hairdresser. A short haircut will allow your hair to be trimmed with a bob, keeping it out of your eyes. You can also sport a new, cool style.

Use fashionable hair ties

There are some really cute hair ties out there, and if you’re tired of your curly hair getting in your face, you can purchase some of these hair ties and use them to tie back your hair. You can find hair ties to match just about any outfit that you have, so don’t hesitate to purchase as many as you feel are necessary to go with your wardrobe.

Put your hair in a ponytail

If your hair has always been down, it might surprise you to see how much more attractive your hair looks when you wear yours up. If you’ve never put your hair up before, you might want to have it professionally done the first time. However, it’s not necessary to have your hair professionally done in order to wear it in a bun, as you can watch one or more of the many tutorials available online. These can guide you step-by-step through the process of wearing your hair up, and you might also even find some different ways to wear your hair up that you’ve never considered before.

Use an attractive hair clip

Hair clips can be as fancy or as basic as you desire, and they’re a great way to hold your hair back so that it’s not in your face and eyes. Hair clips are very versatile and can be easily switched to different parts of your hair, depending on your mood and the specific look that you’re trying to achieve. Fancy hair clips can be worn to work, on dates, or when you’re going out for a night on the town, while basic hair clips can be worn anytime.

Your hair should be pulled back in a ponytail

You can bring back the youth of your youth by wearing your hair in a ponytail. You have many options for ponytail holders. You will find it easier to put your hair up in a ponytail if your hair is longer.

You can choose from a variety of ponytails

You don’t have to do the same thing with ponytails. A ponytail that is only on one side of the head or the top can work. Don’t hesitate to pair your ponytails with some attractive hair accessories so you can enhance your overall appearance without having to worry about your hair getting in your face.

You can try a completely different style of hair

If you curl your hair in a way that is too tight, it will cause the hair to be in your face. And don’t go outside on a windy day, because it will constantly blow all in your face. However, if you choose a different hairstyle that does not require your hair on your face, then it won’t be necessary to use any tools to keep your hair back. If the weather is breezy, you may still have a problem with your hair getting in your face, but only while you’re outdoors.

Braid your hair

You can keep your hair tangled up by braiding it. If you don’t know how to braid, then you can seek out a friend or relative who can braid it for you, so you don’t have to worry about your curly hair repeatedly getting in your face.Depending on how you opt to braid your hair, it can be a great way to wear your hair in a different way, while simultaneously looking cute. You can watch various instructional videos online that can teach you to braid your hair, in case you can’t find a friend to help.

Try different braids

You have many options for how to braid your hair. Instead of worrying about keeping it out of your face you can focus on what style would best suit you. There are many options for how you want to style your hair. You can choose to have one large braid that falls down at the center of your head or two smaller braids that fall down from the top. There are many braided options available. Make sure you search Pinterest or similar websites before choosing one.

Spray hairspray

Hairspray can be used to help your hair stay put after styling it in the morning. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about your curly hair being bothersome by getting in your face all day long. There are different types of hairspray to choose from, and if you don’t like your hair to feel hard and crunchy, be sure to get a light-hold hair spray. Light-hold hair sprays should not be too strong to make your hair hard.


There is no reason to be constantly annoyed by having your curly hair get in your face and eyes, as there are many ways to hold your curly hair back so it’s not in your way. You might be surprised at the new ways you can style your hair, regardless of what method you decide to use.

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