Making a PowerPoint Resume (or CV) (+ Templates).

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One of the tasks we all must do is to create a CV or resume. Did you know that you can create a resume in PowerPoint?
If that’s the tool you are most comfortable with, it is possible. PowerPoint may also work well for creating a resume and CV.
Then, you can export the PowerPoint file to another format so it can be shared online with possible employers.
Here’s how toYou can do it! Here are some templates that will help you get started. They all have a professional appearance.

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Check out these PowerPoint templates

Consider whether you require a visual resume

Make sure you do your research before creating a PowerPoint-based resume. PowerPoint may be an option if you:

  • It’s the only tool you have or know how toUse
  • You need a highly visual resume format for a presentation (we’ll focus on this one)
  • You might consider this option if your goal is to present for a job interview.

    Choose a format

    Once you have determined that PowerPoint is the tool you want to use for your resume, it’s time to think about formats and aspect ratios. The format and aspect ratios of your resume will determine how you present it or make it available to others. How big and what shape should the resume be?
    If you are planning a presentation style, you’ll probably stick to the standard horizontal format. Exporting for a classic look and feel can be achieved by changing the canvas size to vertical 8.5×11.
    If you’re familiar with PowerPoint and want to export your resume for standard distribution, this is a great option.

    You can either use a template or create your own.

    Templates are the fastest way to kickstart your resume design projects. Good PowerPoint templates or resumes will have slides that are appealing to your eyes and include elements that can be used for standard resume content.
    It is important to choose a template that suits the content of your work. (Don’t pick out a template packed with full-screen images if you don’t have them, or cut out photos if that’s not in your portfolio.)
    The template should also have a visual style that’s similar to your own. The PowerPoint resume and CV should look just like yours. The resume or PowerPoint should reflect who and what you are.
    You can also create your template. You can also create your own template if you have an idea.

    Gather visual elements

    Pictures are crucial when you create a visual resume. To get an idea of where the resume should be placed, gather the information you intend to use.

  • Which images are you most comfortable working with?
  • Which are your favorite shapes?
  • Which number of images are you planning to use?
  • Have you got a visual component to accompany each section on your resume?
  • Are you looking for more visuals?
  • Do they come in a format that can be used with PowerPoint?
  • When you are satisfied with your visuals you can put them into the template. This will create the foundation for your design.

    Please fill in the relevant information

    You can begin filling out your details and information once you have the PowerPoint template design in mind. You will find that many templates include more slides than what you actually need. You can delete any unnecessary elements to speed up the process.
    Slide decks should be ordered in reverse chronological order. The most important and recent information is first. It’s the same idea as if you were typing it out on paper.
    Don’t forget an introduction slide with your name and contact details. (You’ll probably also want to repeat this slide at the end.)
    You can then follow that up with a short summary or professional profile, so anyone who looks at your resume has a better idea of you.
    Fill in your work experience, education and other relevant skills.

    Design for Key Details

    Your PowerPoint resume must follow one slide format.
    Slides that combine a visual and the relevant information are a good option for visual resumes. It’s a fact for your resume with a piece of visual supporting evidence.
    You can quickly get overwhelmed by resumes so make sure to only include the essential information and details. Your most recent activity should be on one slide, with all supporting elements being on the same slide.
    This might be the result:

  • Slide 1 for the current job
  • One slide for relevant experience
  • For all jobs, one slide
  • Accomplishments or Awards

    The final step is to wrap up your PowerPoint resume/CV with a section that highlights awards and accomplishments. It is an excellent way to make a lasting impression on the audience at the end.
    Certifications, awards and publications are all good things to add. Even if only one or two of these are available, it can have an impact on your career.

    Take Care

    You can edit and proofread your resume. You can’t proofread too many times when it comes to this type of document. It should be perfect.

    Export to share

    Last, export your PowerPoint resume/CV into a format that can be shared. If you are giving a presentation, there’s nothing more to do than save.
    If you plan to distribute the PowerPoint resume, it’s a good idea to export to a format that you know will maintain the integrity of the document no matter who opens it. It is highly recommended to use a PDF format.


    A resume or CV that’s designed in PowerPoint can be a lot different than the typical paper format. It will probably have a different shape and size (that’s made for screen viewing) and a much more visual format.
    It is almost a mixture of a resume or portfolio for designers. This format will highlight your work keeping that in mind.
    If you enjoy the templates, visit Envato Element for more information.

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