How to Open Animated Gifs for Mac

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Last update: April 20,22
TechinDroid show you the way to play GIFs on Mac without having to install third party apps. This is a simple way to view GIF files macOS from your Macbook or Computer.
GIFs are the real fun and cool way to capture memes and beautiful moments & of course we always use it on chats. They used to express emotions, there are some funny Gifs make laugh us everytime we see them and of course are a good way to capture a moment.

This may be a good option for you:
macOS Sierra Hidden Features.

You can share them on social networks (Luckily Twitter has expanded the size limit that can have a GIF up to 15 frames) as well as in day to day now it available on Facebook messenger.

Gif Files on Mac: How can you view them? [Preview]

You can play GIFs in macOS and Mac OS X. This is how it works. Let’s take a look at the steps. how to do.
1. First, download and copy the GIF file onto your Macbook.  You will notice that if you’re the most recent Apple user, a GIF opens on Mac directly with the Preview app.

2. That is, the GIF opens in Preview but, shows us by “layers”, doesn’t play as we might expect but, divides it into the different phases of the GIF.
Method  1#
You can preview GIFs directly on your Mac using two methods.

Gif video player for mac

1. At first locate the mouse on the Gif file & Select it (Don’t Open), And Now press the “space bar” By doing this a window opens and directly play the GIFs animation:
This way is ultra easy and simple but, if nobody tells me that I have to press the space bar, I don’t know.There’s no need to install any software or do anything else, just select the file and press space.

Method 2

Use Browser

Another method is just right click on the GIF and ‘Open with‘ a browser , for example Safari.

The GIFs now will only play after that. I trust these tips will help you easily view Gif files on Mac / Macbook.

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