How to see someone’s private Instagram without following [2022]

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What if someone doesn’t post on Instagram? You definitely would. Instagram has been used the most worldwide over the past decade. Don’t believe us? Stats show that Instagram currently has over 1 billion users and about 119 million regular users (mostly women).

Since it’s a very popular app, your boyfriend/girlfriend, spouses, or children must have an account on it too. Don’t you think you need to keep an eye on their activities anonymously? Yes, that’s evil, but you cannot trust anyone in this fast-paced era. Therefore, we have rounded up some techniques on ‘how to see someones private Instagram’ account. Via these techniques, you will be able to break into anyone’s private account.
As we did previously, this time around it was discussed how toYou can check to see if anyone has saved an Instagram post. Also, you can learn how to swipe from your Instagram computer. This comprehensive guide will answer your queries about: how toHow can I view my private Instagram account? how to make an Instagram account private etc.  Let’s quickly get started.

Methods for seeing someone on Instagram private in 2022
Instagram allows you to see the profile photos of others, but unlike Facebook which permits you to open them, Instagram keeps your information private. It doesn’t allow you to check out a profile picture of anyone, including your followers. But, you can find out what we have to say. how toHow to see private Instagram accounts and see posts from them.

Make a fake account

It is possible to create a fake Instagram account in order to see private Instagram photos of another person. While it is unethical, it is the simplest method to get into someone’s account. You must now be wondering what your chances are of having the following request approved. Well,  the chances are high if you create a female account as it looks less shady and thereby has more acceptance chances.
You will need a separate email address and phone number to create an Instagram account. We aren’t done yet. Your feed must contain relevant content. This will make it appear more real. Older accounts are more popular. Also, don’t forget to follow some famous public profiles and random people. Your account can be kept private so that your target is able to follow you.
After you have created your fake Instagram account, follow your target by sending a request. Another thing you can do to improve your chances of receiving your request is send a message. You can send a message and start to have a discussion about your interests. Send the following message to him/her once you have gained trust.

We understand that it’s not the best method and has its pros and cons, but it’s worth trying!

Google Username Search

Another way to view private Instagram account is by searching that person’s username on Google. Google will still show profiles even though they don’t display them. However, it is possible to find their profile pictures as Google retains digital footprints.
Google searches are great because it displays all past posts that have been uploaded to the profile since it was made public. It is possible to find other social media profiles, like Twitter and Facebook.
If his/her account does not appear on Google, then head to Instagram and write that person’s name on the search bar. People tend to use unique usernames, but keep their real names as profile names. You still have a chance to find them if they are real names when you search Instagram.

Make use of third-party apps

Yes, that’s right, third-party apps allow you to see private Instagram accounts. If they block you, however, you still can see their Instagram photos.
Not all third-party apps can be linked to your Instagram account. They will require your Instagram credentials and contact information, as well as your credit card details.
These are the best third-party apps to see private Instagram accounts.

  • PrivateInsta
  • InstaLooker
  • InstaRipper
  • InstaSpy
  • Instagram Private Profile Viewer
  • Is it ethical to use these tools to break into someone’s private space? It is ethical to use these tools to access someone’s private space if they have kept it secret. You can invade their privacy by using third-party tools that allow you to access their profiles.
    Some of these tools don’t allow you to check that user’s personal information. In fact, using those tools can badly affect your device as there’s no guarantee that they won’t impact your device. Therefore, we won’t recommend using them if you are not that desperate or a matter of life or death.

    Picuki – Third-party tool

    Picuki is a private tool for viewing private accounts on Instagram. We’ve previously talked about Picuki. It also helps to download videos and images from Instagram that other third-party tools usually don’t allow. 

    Picuki – How do you view someone’s private Instagram?
    You can view private Instagram accounts by following these steps:

  • You can open in your browser.
  • Now write the person’s Instagram user name on the search bar and press enter.
  • You will be able to choose the profile that interests you from the drop-down menu when you enter.
  • Click on the desired one to access their Instagram accounts.
  • This tool has the best feature: it’s completely free! Yes! It’s true! You can check private profiles’ Instagram stories without spending a penny.

    Create a doppelganger account

    So what is that? We aren’t talking about creating a fake Instagram account. You need to create a doppelganger account to view someone’s private Instagram account. To do this, follow the steps.
    The first step is to search Facebook for this person. You can then find out who he/she is most likely to interact with on Facebook. People are more inclined not to make their accounts public. After you’ve gathered all information, create another profile for that person on Instagram. You can use the same profile photo and follow all the Facebook pages the person liked. You can also send a follow request to the account owner.
    Facebook changed the privacy settings recently. This allows you to completely lock your Facebook profile, so no one can see your display image. However, you can still give it a shot as it is an optional feature, and everyone doesn’t need to turn it on.
    While it’s not a long process, it will take a short time to figure out that it’s a fake profile and consequently, the other person can block or report you for the act.
    You could also be in legal trouble if someone you created your profile under files a complaint. You should think carefully before taking this step.

    Follow this Request

    Although it may sound strange, this is the best and safest way to follow someone on Instagram. You might be accepted by mutual friends.
    However, there are always chances that you will be rejected. Instagram is a private platform so people don’t add unknowns to avoid hacking or other cyber crime.

    How to accept a follow request

    We have some suggestions to help you get an Instagram follow request approved.
    Don’t cancel the request immediately, wait for a few days. Oftentimes, people don’t check their Instagram daily, so the chances are high that your request goes unnoticed.
    However, some people don’t like to add strangers to their profiles and keep their profiles private. It is a good idea to send DMs (Direct Messages) to this person. This will allow you to communicate with the person and gain their attention. Once that is done, you can then send the following request.
    Lastly, if that person already knows you from somewhere but doesn’t remember where and how, try reminding him/her of yourself. It’s an effective way to get accepted.

    Public Instagram profile and Private Instagram Profile

    You now know what you need to do. how toYou can view your private Instagram account by following the differences we listed between a public profile and one that is private. This will help you to decide if your profile should be public or private. First, it will help you decide whether your profile should be kept private or public. Second, you will discover the cost potential for each.
    Instagram automatically creates public profiles when you sign up for an account. To make your account private, you will need to access the settings. To add the requested information to your account, you must approve it. This means that you can allow only certain people access to your content.
    Instagram’s popularity is measured in followers. You have a higher chance of small businesses reaching you for marketing purposes if there are more followers. You can reap many benefits by keeping your profile public.
    You can actually save yourself from cyber-attacks by creating a private Instagram profile. Since you don’t add randoms to your accounts, no one would threaten you with your pictures or other information. Private accounts have 95% privacy on Instagram. No one can access your profile to make offensive comments. You can however block friends who try to access your profile.
    There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

    How do you make an Instagram account private?
    Below are some simple steps to help you make your Instagram account secure.

  • Open your Instagram app
  • Right-bottom of your screen, click on your profile photo.
  • Click the horizontal lines in the upper right corner to select settings.
  • Choose privacy among the options.
  • Find a toggle beside ‘Private account’ under the Account Privacy settings.
  • To make your account public, turn the toggle on
  • You can make public your account whenever you want.


    We now have many options to hide our identities via social media. While it might sound a good thing to several, it’s extremely worrisome for concerned parents who need to keep track of their children’s activities.
    And the trouble gets doubled when they are unable to access their children’s profiles due to their privacy settings. However, by referring to this ‘how to see someones private Instagram’ guide, anyone on earth can get into another person’s private accounts.
    However, there are pros and cons to this method. It is illegal and unethical to use tools to stalk another person in certain states. The other party can then file a complaint.
    You might instead consider making a bold move. You can send a request directly and watch them do their thing. We guarantee it won’t cost anything!


    How can I view private Instagram accounts, without having to follow them?

    Everything you need to know about this topic is covered in the guide. To learn more, check out the video guide.

    What is the best way to view someone’s Instagram stories?

    To check out someone’s private Instagram stories, you need to take help from third-party apps like IGLookpup. This guide will assist you. how toUse this app to see private accounts on Instagram.

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