Florida Car Selling Guide: The Step-by-Step Guide and the Required Paperwork

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FloridaPeddle: Best online platforms to sell a car

Get your free offer instantly via online form or call on (855) 925 4302$0 fees + you don’t have to pay for towing – Peddle will take care of itGet paid in check during the pick up for any car (damaged, junk, wrecked)Wheelzy

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7.4 million visitors a month looking for cars – 15k cars sold each month$19 – $79 listings fee + 2.35% on the portion of the sale over $7,500Payment terms and balance payoff are all set up when you list your vehicle

Three Online Marketplaces for Selling Your Car in Florida

Florida has many selling options. But if you’d like to make things easier, you should as well consider setting up an online listing.

These are 3 top online marketplaces that will help you quickly sell your Florida car.


(No service fee)

The company that would purchase your vehicle directly from you, Peddle, is one way to get rid of it.

Simply submit the quick application for a car sale through the Peddle website, and they’ll get back to your with a quotation.

Peddle agents will pick up your car and schedule it within 48 hours of you accepting the offer. You will be given a receipt right away and your car will be returned to you.

What’s best about Peddle is that you don’t have to worry about your vehicle’s condition, because the company accepts damaged or even complete junk cars.

Summary for Peddle

  • You can buy a used, junk or damaged car anywhere in the country
  • Get instant quote on (855) 925 4302
  • Within 48 hours of receiving the offer, free towing
  • When you collect your car, receive payment
  • Craigslist

    (No service fee)

    Craigslist is the best platform to buy and sell used cars in your area. The platform is extremely easy to use and it’s free to place your car advertisement on it. Plus, they don’t charge any service fees after your car sells.

    However, the biggest downside of Craigslist is that the platform doesn’t filter out its users. This means everyone can make a registration and there’s a risk of encountering fraudulent or scammer buyers. If you are careful, however you will be able to avoid any trouble.

    eBay Motors

    (Listing fee: $25 – $95)

    eBay probably doesn’t need an introduction and eBay Motors is a specified platform allowing you to list your car online and reach potential buyers.

    What’s more, eBay Motors gives you 2 options to sell your car:

  • “Buy it Now” option – you set a fixed price for your car on the platform and buyers will purchase your car at the price you’ve offered.
  • Auction option – potential buyers can place bids, allowing you to get an even better price for your used car.
  • How do I sell a car in Florida?

    There are some documents that you’ll need to gather in order to properly sell your car in Florida. Let me provide you a list:

    Florida Transfer of Title: Filing form HSMV 82050 is Important

    Florida law requires that you file an HSMV-82050 form. It’s not mandatory, but you can fill this form out at your local motor vehicle service center.

    Once filed, your registration will be removed from the vehicle, meaning you’re not responsible for any penalties or civil liabilities related to the vehicle after the sale. Once you have filed this form, your registration will be removed from the vehicle.

    If you don’t file HSMV 82050 form, you may face penalties and liabilities for actions associated with the new owner of your older car. A ticket will be issued in your name if the new owner exceeds the speed limit.

    This is the best example, although it does not pose any risk. However, something even more serious could occur. 

    That’s the reason you need to file the transfer of title document – to protect yourself from any false accusations and inconveniences.

    Florida Car Selling Guide: Here’s a step-by-step guide

    Now that you know what paperwork is required of you and understand the importance of each document, it’s time to get to action and actually get started with the selling process.

    Sell a car in Florida checklist:

  • Examine your car
  • Do what you can
  • Remove your license plates
  • Have the VIN checked
  • Online listing of your car
  • Sell your vehicle to prospective buyers
  • Transfer the title
  • A bill of sale should be created
  • Here are my steps to help you navigate the Florida car sale process.

    Step 1: Examine Your Car

    Whether you’re selling your car entirely or selling your car’s parts, you have to examine the car to know what you have. Understanding your car’s condition properly lets you sell it at a competitive price.

    You can simply take the car to any trusted mechanic near you who will check it out and inform you about any problems. Take this example:

  • Is the starter working well?
  • Does the engine work well?
  • What is the tread depth of your tires?
  • Step 2: Do What You Can

    You should fix all flaws in your car. Whether it’s something that came up during the examination or external damage, fixing it might increase the chances of selling your car fast and at a higher price.

    You can make major repairs, but you should let the buyer know if they need them. Just because you have a transmission that slips doesn’t mean nobody will buy your car. Rebuilding cars is a popular hobby in Florida.

    Step 3: Take out your license plates

    Florida law states that your license plates must be removed before your car is sold.

    Your plates may also be removed after you submit a bill. However, it is important to remove the plates before the buyer begins using your older vehicle.

    Moreover, you’ll also need to apply for a “demonstration-only” temporary license plate tag to allow potential buyers to test drive your vehicle before they purchase it.

    You’ll need to provide proof of insurance coverage in order to get a temporary license plate.

    Step 4: Have the VIN Inspected

    Whether you’ve bought a car in or outside Florida, you must complete a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and Odometer Verification. You (the owner) must sign this form.

  • Florida FLHSMV compliance officer/examiner
  • Licensed Florida motor vehicle dealer
  • Notary Public in Florida
  • Police officer
  • Step 5: Add Your Car to the Online Register

    You can now list your vehicle online and reach potential buyers. You’ll find the 3 best online platforms where you can set up your car advertisement and sell it quickly later on in this article.

    Here are some ways to sell your Florida vehicle quickly:

  • High-quality photos are essential to show your car from various angles. Remember, you don’t need professional equipment to do this. Simply use your smartphone, but make sure there’s good lighting outside so that you can get clear and appealing photos.
  • Write a brief, but detailed description about your vehicle. Even if it has issues, be specific about the condition of your car.
  • Always be ready to answer questions that potential buyers may have.
  • Step 6: Sell your car to potential buyers

    Once a potential buyer who’s interested in purchasing your vehicle contacts you, it’s a good idea to show your car to them.

    Note that this is an important step because the buyer can see if the car really matches how you’ve described it in your listing. 

    Step 7: Transfer your title

    The transfer of the title is an important step when selling your car. And if you’re wondering how to sign over a car title in Florida, here’s everything you need to know.

    Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles recommends that buyers and sellers conduct private sales at local motor vehicle service centers.

    In case your vehicle title is in a digital/electronic format, you can complete a secure title reassignment form HSMV 82994 or HSMV 82092 and disclose the vehicle’s odometer reading. The buyer must also be present to sign the title and photo ID.

    When filling out the title, you must complete the “Transfer of Title by Seller” section on the front page of the title. The following information is required for this section:

  • You will need to enter the address and the name of your buyer
  • The reading of the odometer
  • Final sale price
  • Date of sale
  • The HSMV 82040 form must be completed by the buyer in order to complete the transfer of the title. This form should be attached to the title. 

    To avoid late fees, title transfers must be made within thirty days after the sale.

    Step 8: Prepare a bill of sale

    The final step is to fill out the HSMV 82050 form and have it signed by you. Once you’ve done that you’ll need to file this form with the local motor vehicle service center to get your registration removed from the vehicle. 

    You should use this procedure to sell your Florida vehicle. It protects you from potential criminal charges or tickets.

    What if You’re Selling a Car with an Existing Lien in Florida?

    A lien against your car can make it difficult to sell your car privately. In order to make the sale easier, it is necessary that you pay all outstanding lien payments before you can collect any papers.

    After you pay off the lienholder (usually a bank), they must report to the Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicle department that you have paid the lien so the title can be transferred.

    However, you won’t necessarily have to pay off the lien if you sell your car to an authorized car dealership. Many dealerships are willing to accept any car, even with an existing lien. After the sale, it becomes a dealership’s responsibility to satisfy the lien before they resell the car to another customer.

    How to Sell a Car in Florida – FAQ

    Florida requires that a bill be sold.

    Yes. To transfer ownership of your vehicle, you will need to obtain a Florida bill. 

    How can I transact a Florida car title online?

    While the Florida Department of Vehicle doesn’t offer an online transfer of a car title, you can do it through a privately-owned company named eTAGS.

    Is it necessary to notarize a Florida vehicle title?

    While it may be a good idea to get your car title notarized, it’s not mandatory.

    Is flipping cars Illegal in Florida?

    The United States has made it illegal to sell or buy cars for profit. Florida permits you to legally buy and sell two cars in a single year.

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