How to Stream 18000+ TV Channels

Dozenz IPTV allows you to access their IPTV contents via an M3U URL. This premium IPTV subscription allows you to watch over 18,000+ channels live and VODs. For hours of entertainment, those looking to replace cable TV can opt for this IPTV. In terms of functionality and features, the IPTV is almost identical to Falcon IPTV or Apollo IPTV. You can stream IPTV channels from any IPTV player using the M3U URL.

Dozenz IPTV is not able to provide their service free. To access the IPTV content, you must subscribe at least $10. After you subscribe, your M3U URL will be sent to your email. There are many other plans available, with 24 hour customer support. The section contains information about the Dozenz IPTV, including pricing and a guide to installation.


It is obvious that to stream IPTV contents, you must have an internet connection. You also need to keep your internet browsing private. VPN is the only way to protect your online privacy. When you connect to VPN, all your internet data will be routed through a virtual servers. Your IP address and geographic location will not be visible when you connect to the virtual server. Your data will also be encrypted using AES technology. You will be able to connect to Surfshark VPN or CyberGhost VPN.

Dozenz IPTV Subscription

Dozenz offers several subscription plans. The number of connections can be a determinant for which plan you choose.

  • $11/mo per 1 Connection
  • $23/mo 2 Connectivity
  • $36/mo on 3 Connectivity
  • $49.95/mo 4 Connectivity
  • $52/mo for five Connections
  • The Reseller Program costs $385

    1. You can visit the official Dozenz IPTV website.

    2. From the homepage, click on the Store tab.

    3. Click on Order Now to select a plan.

    Review your order.

    5. Fill in your billing details to select a payment mode

    6. To make a purchase, click on Checkout.

    7. The mail you receive will contain your login credentials.


    Dozenz IPTV does not require you to download an apk. You can stream your content using the top IPTV player for Android.

    1. On your Android phone, open the Google Play Store.

    2. The Perfect IPTV Player.

    3. Select the exact same application in the search results.

    4. Click on the “Install” button to activate the IPTV Player.

    5. Open Perfect Player IPTV after installation.

    6. The M3U URL that you received from Dozenz IPTV is required.

    7. Stream your IPTV favorites now.


    1. Connect to the internet with your Firestick device

    2. Use the Firestick remote’s Home button to turn on.

    3. Click on the Find tab to choose the Search tile.

    4. Look for the Downloader, and then choose the application you want from the search result.

    5. To install the Downloader, click the Get button.

    6. Then, go to Settings > My Fire TV > Developer Options > Install Unknown Apps.

    7. In the Install Unknown Apps section, toggle on the Downloader.

    8. Click the Downloader to enter the URL of IPTV Smarters Pro.

    9. Click on GO to download the IPTV Player.

    10. Next, launch the IPTV Smarters Pro.

    11. The M3U URL for Dozenz IPTV will be sent to you by mail.

    12. Select Add user and enter the URL for M3U on IPTV Smarters Pro.

    13. You can now stream IPTV content.

    How to get DOZENZ IPTV on SMART TV

    1. The Smart IPTV can be downloaded from either the Samsung Smart TV Content Store or LG Smart TV.

    2. Note the MAC address for your Smart IPTV by opening the Smart IPTV.

    3. Visit the official site of Smart IPTV.

    4. You can click on the My account tab.

    5. Dozenz IPTV’s MAC address, and URL M3U will be entered. Click on Send.

    6. You can relaunch Smart IPTV from your Smart TV.

    7. All available IPTV channels are now accessible.


    1. Switch on the Formuler and connect to an Internet connection

    2. Choose MYTV Online on the home screen.

    3. Then, select Edit > Edit Services.

    4. Enter Dozenz IPTV in the Service Nickname and click OK.

    5. Enter the URL for the service and click OK.

    6. Now, your Formuler device will try to connect to your IPTV provider’s server.

    7. You can now stream IPTV channels after establishing a good connection.


    1. You can open the Microsoft Store for your Windows PC.

    2. Scroll to the upper-right corner and click on the Search Bar.

    3. You can search for MyIPTV Player by entering your keyword.

    4. Click the “Get” button to download the IPTV Player.

    5. Click on the Settings tab in the MyIPTV player.

    6. Choose a new playlist, and then add EPG resources.

    7. The M3U URL for the Dozenz IPTV can be added

    8. Go back to your homepage and choose the Channels tab.

    9. You can now watch your IPTV favorites.


    The official Dozenz TV website has a Send Us an Email button that allows you to send a message to the customer care team. Or, you can click on the Contact Us tab and submit your complaint. The customer support team will contact you shortly.


    Dozenz offers only M3U URLs. These links are compatible with all smart devices. Some IPTV providers only allow us to use the Xtream Code to stream IPTV content. Devices such Enigma, MAG and Enigma do not work with the Xtreme Code API. Dozenz IPTV will give you an advantage. So, if you still haven’t got your hands on this IPTV provider, you can get the subscription from their official website. Also, you can try other IPTV service providers like Two Bee IPTV.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    Is Dozenz IPTV legal? Since Dozenz IPTV isn’t available on popular app stores, we aren’t able to provide if or not Dozenz IPTV is legit. If this IPTV has licensed content, it is difficult to determine. Dozenz IPTV offers a variety of channels. More than 18000 live channels will be available under various categories, such as sports, kids entertainment, music, international and so on. The Dozenz IPTV channel list covers PPV as well as major sports channels. Is Dozenz IPTV Shut down? Dozenz Xii IPTV frequently changes its domain so it is possible that its website may be down.