If you forgot your password, how to unlock Samsung smartphone

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Last Update April 2022
Samsung smartphones are the core of Android smartphone industry, especially the latest Samsung Galaxy phones. There are so many features that you can’t even begin to mention. But keeping everything aside, Samsung is damn serious about the security of the user’s privacy. Samsung smartphones are easy to configure screen locks that prevent hackers, thieves, and intruders from accessing your phone.
Samsung phones allow you to set up text, pin or fingerprint passwords in order to increase your smartphone’s security. However, sometimes it’s too difficult to remember those passwords and one can end up forgetting it forever. Samsung phones can sometimes lock you out for many hours if your password is not correct. You will lose your phone forever if you don’t pay attention.

Now, before you get too worried about this situation, let me tell you that there’s nothing to be afraid of as TunesBro Android Toolkit can provide the remedy that you are looking for.

What exactly is the TunesBro Android Software Toolkit?

This is an excellent Android data recovery tool that can unlock your Android phone even if the password has been forgotten. This tool can also be used with any lock type, including pattern lock and maze lock. It supports the unlocking of Fingerprint locks. This feature isn’t available in any other program.

The Best Features

  •  Very clean and attractive user interface. Very easy to use.
  • You can unlock the screen lock on both Android and iPhone smartphones.
  • It is not necessary to have computer skills.
  • Compatible with Android 8.0 Oreo, as well as iPhone X.
  • Remove the password safely from your phone, without any data loss.
  • It works perfectly with all four types of passwords: text password, pattern/mazelock, pin, and fingerprints.
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S, Tab Series, Note, and the most recent LG models such as LG G2/G3/G4 etc.
  • Millions trust it.
  • How does it work?

    As we mentioned earlier, it’s one of the easiest tool to operate with. To unlock your smartphone, you just need to download the program and then plug your phone into the computer. It takes only a few steps to do this. We are still writing the complete step-by-step guide. how toThis program will unlock your Samsung phone.

    Step 1. Step 1.
    To see the interface, first install it by downloading and running the executable file.
    Step 2. Step 2.

    Once the program is installed, it’s time to connect the locked Samsung device to computer with a data cable and let the program recognize the phone by itself. After the phone is detected, click on “Start” to get started with the unlocking process.
    Step 3. Step 3.

    There are many options for recovering data. So, it’s highly recommended to choose the brand and model name of the phone correctly in order to download the accurate data recovery package. It is possible to search for all models and phones from the default list.

    Selecting the option will bring up a message. Click confirm to proceed.
    Step 4. Step 4.
    Follow the mentioned procedure to put your phone into download mode –
    1. The device should be turned off.
    2. You can reboot it by pressing the Home + Volume Down + power key.
    3. Once the screen is lit, leave the Power and Home buttons and continue pressing the Volume button until you activate the Download mode.
    Step 5. Step 5.
    The program will attempt to automatically download the recovery file. You should wait patiently for the process to complete. Time really depends upon the internet speed.
    Step 6. Step 6.
    Your phone will be unlockable immediately after the recovery program has been installed. Reboot the phone and you can access it normally once again.

    For now, that should be enough. The TunesBro program is very powerful, with a huge potential. Next time if you forget the password of your phone then don’t get afraid but instead use this program to remove the password from your phone. Undoubtedly, this program deserves a 10 on 10 rating for it’s effectiveness but don’t forget to read the reviews before downloading to see the satisfied customers words.

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