Nine Ways to Watch IG Stories Anonymously

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Every day is a new way to share your daily activities, from running errands or sipping coffee in the morning, to posting them on Instagram. Instagram Stories are based on where you travel, what clothes you wear and what you see. A short reel sums up your 24-hour day. Instagram Stories are addictive. At least, that’s what we believe. When you begin posting content, you will find it becomes a way of life and your Instagram activity increases. However, if you belong to the other group that watches others’ stories, you should really know about hacks to check out others’ stories anonymously. There are also tools on the internet that enable you to watch IG stories without appearing in the viewers’ list. You can download the stories to your own device via these tools. To know more about this secret tool and other hacks to watch IG stories without showing up in the viewers’ list, scroll down. You will also find answers to common questions such as: how toYou can view IG stories and not know they exist. how toYou can use IG Stories how toFind out how often someone has viewed your stories and other information.

What is IG story? – Instagram Stories were introduced August 2016 and allows you to upload your photos or videos directly from your profile. The stories last for 24hrs and then disappear. They can be saved to their highlights if they are wanted. Recently posted stories appear in the form of a gradient border around the user’s profile picture. It will show stories starting from the point you stopped tapping. Instagram stories can be published independently from your photos or videos on Instagram. Even though you may not know, Instagram stories are published separately from the photos and videos gallery on Instagram. how toThere are many tools that you can use in order to enhance the engagement of your stories. You can create an immediate collage with photos or a boomerang video. These are only a few of the many ways you can create more creativity in your Instagram stories.

Are you able to watch IG stories anonymously There are many tools and hacks available that enable users to anonymously view stories on IG. If you don’t want to go extreme and use third-party tools, your best bet would be to check out other methods. These hacks are necessary. Well, if you ask us, it’s awkward when you don’t follow someone and watch their stories. You can either follow them or you learn how to watch their stories anonymously.

How can I watch IG stories anonymously You can easily watch IG stories without your name popping up on the viewers’ list. It takes some effort. Also, if you are worried about getting caught by Instagram’s algorithm, stay at ease cause the following methods are completely safe and have never been recognized as a view on Instagram.

1. Airplane Mode

The first trick to anonymously view IG stories is to put your phone in airplane mode. When you view someone’s Instagram story with your phone’s airplane mode turned on, your name won’t show up on the viewer’s list. But be cautious.

  • Open your Instagram app and go to that person’s profile.
  • Load your profile for the latest stories
  • Now go to your phone’s settings and turn on the airplane mode.
  • You can also go back to Instagram to see the stories.
  • By doing so, the other person won’t know that you have watched their stories. Note: Make sure you load the stories before turning on the airplane mode otherwise, you won’t be able to watch the latest ones. Close the Instagram app prior to turning on airplane mode.

    2. Other Account

    Let’s be honest, everyone has at least one spare account that they have made for other purposes. Now it’s time to re-activate and make use of it. Use that account to reach other person’s profiles to check out their stories. Half of your work is done there if it’s a public account. However, if it’s a private account, then, unfortunately, you need to send them a follow request and if you are in luck, you will get accepted and be to watch all the stories. On the other hand, if you really don’t have a burner account, you can create one by following the steps below:

  • Go to the browser and search ‘Instagram Sign Up’
  • You should click the first link you find in search results.
  • To create an Instagram account, fill out the registration page.
  • Once done, log into it and search the person’s name whose stories you want to watch.
  • Creating a new Instagram account with a fake name is a safe bet as you don’t have any ties to other accounts from that account. For a fake account, you will need a new email address. You can also make it appear to be a real account and post relevant content.

    3. You can block them

    Blocking that individual is another way to anonymously view IG stories. It sounds strange but it is possible to view their entire stories without sharing your identity. What is the secret to it?

  • Go to that user’s profile and watch their stories.
  • Now tap the three dots on the top right corner of their profile and tap the ‘Block’ option.
  • You can keep them in a locked place for up to 24 hours, then you can add them again.
  • While this may not sound the best idea, you get to watch anyone’s stories without them knowing.

    4. You can deactivate your account

    If you don’t find the above option appropriate, you can try this one. For this to happen, however, you will have to temporarily disappear from Instagram. Here’s how it works.

  • View the story by going to the profile.
  • Go back to your profile, and then deactivate the account using the Settings.
  • It should remain this way at all times for 24 hours.
  • Simply log back in by entering credentials.
  • This is how you can view any account’s IG stories anonymously. Note: Make the most of this hack by deactivating your account for a day after watching all your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s stories on the same day. After you log back in, no one will know you watched their stories.

    5. Keep an eye out for the final minute

    You can also watch IG stories at the very last moment anonymously. Click on the stories when they are about to expire, and the person won’t know that you have watched them. Typically, people don’t check their stories when they are about to expire – getting you another hack to watch their stories secretly. You can track when the story was posted and when it expires. Next, watch it for the final few minutes. You will be caught if you don’t calculate the time correctly. You can also be caught if the person posts a new story within 5-6 hours.

    6. Request a friend to take a picture or drop it in the DM.

    If you’re following someone else on Instagram and they also have a story that you like, ask them to send the story to you via DM. Or take a picture of it. Both ways, you won’t appear in that person’s viewers list even after watching their stories. This method can be a bit riskier, as it could give the impression that you are a strangeo. If you don’t know someone, they will judge you.

    7. Check out their highlights

    Checking highlights after the expiration of a story is another method to escape the viewers’ list. You will need to wait until the story expires before adding to the highlights. There is an additional risk to this: you should be willing to take the possibility that another person will add their story to the highlights. If they don’t, you missed an opportunity to watch it when it was live. You will find the highlights stories when you go to that person’s profile on Instagram. As of current Instagram policies, highlights don’t show the latest viewers’ name. So, stay at ease, your name won’t pop up there.

    8. Verify if anyone has reposted their story

    Repost on Instagram is an incredibly popular feature that lets users share their stories which have been tagged to them on their profile. What is it good for? You can check out their friends’ accounts if they have reposted something. It’s a safe method, but again you will be relying on a chance. If none of these options work, it is worth trying.

    Why can’t I share stories on IG? Most people complain that they are unable to share stories on Instagram, and thereby they often ask, ‘why cant I share stories on IG?’ The most common reason is that you are not tagged in the story you want to share. Instagram allows you to share your stories only if the original story author tags you. When you get tagged, the Instagram app sends you a notification saying that ‘xyz’ has mentioned you in their stories. Click on this to open the story that you have been tagged in. A pop-up will suggest you share it.

    Take a bow

    Posting Instagram stories is not a big work but watching other person’s stories anonymously is. Our goal was to provide the most efficient and easiest hacks for watching IG stories anonymously. You can always try third-party programs like Picuki or Dumpor, Gramhir and others if they fail to work for you. Let us know if you tried them, and if they worked for you. We would love your feedback.

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