How to Wire Club Car Forward-Reverse Switch [Solved] 2022

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What does the golf cart’s forward reverse switch do? When the driver wants to go forward, the golf cart’s motor turns the shaft that operates the forward motion. You can reverse this motion by rotating the shaft. My golf cart moves in reverse when I turn the shaft. When you wish to move backwards, the reverse gear of a golf cart can be used. The motor rotates the shaft of the drive shaft opposite the direction of the wheels when the cart is in forward. This causes it to go forwards. What is the best way to reverse an electric golf cart? The engine is running. Move the shift lever left to reverse the cart. How can you check a golf car key switch? You can test the key switch by placing a key in the ignition, and then turning the ignition to on. The problem with the key is usually the ignition. Problems with the electric system may be causing the switch to not function. My golf cart is clicking but doesn’t move. Your golf cart might not move due to a number of reasons. It could be the battery needs replacing. The belt could have come loose or broken from the motor. The last possibility is that the problem could be caused by something preventing the gears from turning. You can then identify the culprit and take necessary steps to correct it.

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