“Kill everyone you need to”: Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory about “foaming-at-the-mouth Black people”

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Infowars host and chief conspiracy theorist Alex Jones warned on Sunday’s show that “foaming-at-the-mouth Black people” would wage war on white populations after they flee “race-specific bioweapons” attacks in Africa later this decade. Jones issued these racist predictions while declaring himself a “vessel” of God.

“They intend on making the world so hellish in the build-up to 2030 that everybody will just ‘wink, wink’ when they release the race-specific bioweapons starting with Africa that are gonna wipe that continent absolutely out. And you’ll be under such invasion from the refugees of the economic warfare in Africa that you will quietly, while you’re playing cards with your buddies say, ‘well, it had to be done.’ And when you go along with that metaphysically, spiritually, culturally, the devil’s got your soul,” said Jones.

“So I don’t like the big giant African hordes being brainwashed against us and the left programming brown people to hate white people. It’s all part of a plan, folks. It’s all part of a very sophisticated plan and I don’t just study history. I don’t just study the New World Order,” Jones continued. “I have the Holy Spirit. Doesn’t mean I’m a perfect vessel, far from it. But I do have deep connection to God and God tells me that if I take part in wiping out the brown people, the Black people, that I will be cut off from God. We’re supposed to lift each other up.”

Jones then encouraged responding through violence.

“Now that doesn’t mean when a gang of racist, foaming-at-the-mouth Black people come to rape, rob, or kill you, which is just, it’s out of control right now, that you don’t defend yourself and kill every person you need to protect your family if they’re attacking you,” he suggested.

“That said though, just because they’re brainwashed, some of them, and are being part of that doesn’t mean we have to fall into the brainwashing either,” the right-wing provocateur added. “And they tell you everything they’re doing in the movie, the ‘Kingsman,’ where they send out the program through the cell phones and cell phone towers to make everybody start killing each other. That’s what Klaus Schwab talks about, the angrier world, this is part of that plan. And so the Black people that have succumbed to this have succumbed to it through mind control. Doesn’t make them any less dangerous.”

Watch below via Media Matters for America or at this link.

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