Lemo TV IPTV review: How to install on Android, iOS, and PC

Lemo IPTV offers a subscription-based IPTV provider with more than 18,000+ TV channels. You can choose to divide the channels into different categories such as Entertainment, News and Kids. You can also find over 8400+ TV series and 60,000 movies in the content library. Live streaming is available for your favourite sports such as the NFL, NHL and NCAA. You can stream your favorite sports games on channels such as FOX, FOX and TLC. New users get a free 36-hour trial. This IPTV can be streamed on Android, iOS Firesticks, Apple TV, Smart TV and many other platforms.

Lemo IPTV TV Features

  • This product guarantees a 99.9% uptime
  • Electronic Player Guide (EPG) and external players supported
  • You can stream HD and UHD content.
  • Lemo TV IPTV gives you 24/7 customer support
  • You get a 14 day money back guarantee
  • Can Lemo IPTV be used without a VPN?

    Although most IPTVs are not legal, Lemo IPTV doesn’t fall under the category. You can still use the top VPN for IPTV, but it is safer to be safe than sorry. VPNs can be used to conceal your IP address from hackers and data thieves online. Use the VPN to remove geo-restrictions that may be imposed by your country. To stream IPTV, you can use the VPN.

    How to sign up for Lemo IPTV

    1. Launch the browser from any device.

    2. Enter Lemo IPTV on the search bar and choose the official website (https://lemotv.com/).

    3. Click on the Subscribe sections. Click on the Plan that interests you and then click Order Now.

    4. Select the number of connections that you would like and then click Order Now.

    5. Fill in all details on the Configure page and click Continue.

    6. On the Review & Checkout page, enter the necessary information in the Billing Details section.

    7. Click on “Checkout” and choose your preferred payment method.

    8. Continue to follow the prompts and complete the subscription.

    9. You will get your Lemo TV IPTV login info via mail once you have subscribed to IPTV.

    How to stream Lemo IPTV from Android Devices

    1. Start your Android phone and choose Settings.

    2. Select Security to enable unknown sources

    3. Click the back button to return to the homepage and choose the browser.

    4. Use the search bar to search for Lemo IPTV. From the results select the official website.

    5. You can click Download Lemo IPTV Application to download the IPTV Apk file on your Android smartphone.

    6. Choose Install and wait until the installation is complete.

    7. To sign in, launch the Lemo IPTV App and input your IPTV credentials.

    8. You can stream the IPTV content.

    Firestick Firestick: Lemo IPTV: What to watch?

    1. Click on the Find tab to launch your Firestick device.

    2. Enter Downloader into the Search Bar using the onscreen keyboard

    3. Select the desired app from the search results, and then click Download.

    4. For the home screen to return to, simply press the Home button on the Firestick remote.

    5. Navigate to Settings, and then select My Fire TV.

    6. Select Install Unknown Apps from the developer options.

    7. Turn on the toggle in the Downloader app to allow you to install unknown apps.

    8. Type the Lemo IPTV app in the URL field of the Downloader App.

    9. The app will automatically be downloaded to your Firestick when you click on Go. Click on Install.

    10. Allow the installation process to complete before opening the IPTV App.

    11. Log in with the IPTV account information to stream your IPTV content.

    How to Install Lemo TV IPTV On Smart TV

    1. Use the Internet browser to search for Lemo IPTV.

    2. Go to the official website. The app can be downloaded by clicking on the Download Lemo IPTV Application button.

    3. Attach the USB Drive and then copy the IPTV.apk file to the USB Drive.

    4. Connect the USB cable to your PC, then disconnect it from the computer.

    5. Go to Settings on your Smart TV and choose Device Preferences.

    6. Navigate to Security & Restrictions. Choose Unknown sources to enable them.

    7. Move the IPTV.apk file onto your Smart TV.

    8. Start the IPTV app after the installation is complete.

    9. Log in to your IPTV account and start enjoying the content on Smart TV.

    How to stream Lemo IPTV using Windows and Mac PC

    1. Start the computer and choose the browser.

    2. Enter Lemo IPTV in the search box. Select the official website from the search results.

    3. Click Download Lemo IPTV Apk to download the file.

    4. Enter BlueStacks into the search box. Click on the search bar and enter BlueStacks.

    5. Double-click the file you have downloaded and choose Install to install the Android emulator on your computer.

    6. Open the BlueStacks app, and then sign in to your Google Account.

    7. Right-side toolbar: Click the Install App APK icon

    8. Open the IPTV.apk file by clicking on Open.

    9. BlueStacks will automatically install and launch the IPTV App.

    10. Register with your IPTV credentials to access the IPTV content.

    How to install Lemo TV for iOS Devices

    1. Turn on your iOS device, and then go to App store.

    2. Type IPTV Smarters into the search box.

    3. Select the app from the search results and click Get.

    4. Start the IPTV app after the installation is complete.

    5. Please enter the Username and Password of Lemo IPTV.

    6. Click on Add User to stream your favourite content from your iOS device.

    How to Install Lemo IPTV On Samsung And LG Smart TVs

    1. You can turn on your Samsung Smart TVs and LG Smart Tvs.

    2. Visit Smart Hub for Samsung TV or Content Store for LG Smart TV.

    3. Search for Smart IPTV.

    4. Click on the App from Search Results and choose Install.

    5. Take a note of the Smart IPTV activation link and Mac address by opening the Smart IPTV application.

    6. Launch the browser on your Smart TV and visit the activation link (https://siptv.eu/mylist/).

    7. Fill in your information, such as Mac address or M3U URL for Lemo IPTV.

    8. The Smart IPTV App will reload when you click on Send.

    9. This IPTV content can be streamed to both your Samsung Smart TV and LG Smart TV.

    Lemo IPTV Channel list

    Lemo TV has hundreds of channels and can be streamed even the most famous. There are many categories for the different channels, including entertainment, sports and music. This IPTV channel includes CBS, TNT and CNN as well as Paramount Network, Food Networks, ESPN, Telemundo and Fox. TLC, Oxygen is also available. Nick Jr., Trvl Channel are some others.

    Customer Support

    You can contact Customer Support to complain about an IPTV that isn’t working, or for any other queries. Fill out the Contact Us form on the official website to reach them. They will respond within 2-5 business days.


    These are the best ways to set up Lemo IPTV. You can stream a wide range of content in high quality. You can also enjoy many features, making it one of the most popular IPTV service providers. Other IPTV service providers, such as Surge TV and Kemo IPTV or Apollo IPTV are also available.

    Commonly Asked Questions

    What’s Lemo IPTV? You can use it to access live TV channels as well as other content for a very affordable cost. Do you have a Lemo IPTV Apk File? Yes. The official website allows you to download the IPTV apk. Login to Lemo IPTV You first need to sign up for the IPTV. You can then log in to Lemo IPTV using the IPTV credentials.