Returning To You: Securely Reclaim Your Equipment From Terminated Employees.

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When an employee is terminated, it is important to ensure that all company-owned equipment is returned. This article will provide some helpful tips on how to get equipment back from a terminated employee. It will discuss the importance of communication, provide advice on how to document equipment, and explain the steps to take if the employee refuses to return equipment. Additionally, the article will provide advice on how to handle the situation if the employee has already left the premises.

Best Practices for Returning Equipment from Terminated Employees

Returning equipment from terminated employees requires a well-thought-out process in order to protect the company’s data and resources. The following best practices should be followed to ensure a secure and efficient transition.

  1. Develop Clear Policies: Companies should create and document clear policies regarding the return of equipment from terminated employees. These policies should include details regarding the type of equipment that needs to be returned, the timeline for return, and any other relevant information.
  2. Establish a Return Point: Establish a designated return point for all equipment from terminated employees. This should be a secure location where equipment can be received and processed.
  3. Securely Transfer Data: Companies should securely transfer any data from returned equipment. This includes backing up files and wiping any devices that contain sensitive information.
  4. Perform a Physical Inventory: Companies should perform a physical inventory of all equipment returned from terminated employees. This will ensure that all equipment has been returned and that no items are missing.
  5. Perform a System Check: Companies should also perform a system check on all returned equipment. This will help ensure that all software and hardware are functioning correctly.

By following these best practices, companies can ensure a secure and efficient transition when returning equipment from terminated employees.

The Benefits of Returning Equipment from Terminated Employees Quickly

Returning equipment from terminated employees quickly has numerous benefits for both employers and employees. For employers, a timely return of equipment can help to protect their business interests by reducing the potential for security risks. Having the equipment back in the possession of the employer can reduce the risk that confidential information is compromised or that the equipment is used for malicious purposes. It also ensures that the company’s policies regarding the return of equipment are adhered to and that any contractual obligations are fulfilled.

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For employees, returning equipment quickly can help to ensure a smooth transition from one job to another. Returning the equipment quickly and in accordance with the employer’s policies demonstrates a level of professionalism and commitment to the job. This can help to create a positive impression on future employers and increase the chances of securing a new position.

In addition, returning the equipment quickly and efficiently can help the employee to receive their final paycheck more quickly. By having the equipment back in the possession of their former employer, they can avoid any delays in the processing of their final payment.

Overall, returning equipment from terminated employees quickly is beneficial for both employers and employees. In addition to helping to protect the employer’s business interests, it can also help to ensure a smoother transition for the employee and expedite the payment of their final paycheck. Therefore, employers should strive to ensure that the return of equipment is handled quickly and efficiently.

How to Create a Policy for Returning Equipment from Terminated Employees

This policy outlines the procedures for returning equipment belonging to the company from terminated employees.

  1. Employees who are being terminated must return all company-owned equipment, including but not limited to laptops, mobile phones, and other work-related devices, to their manager or supervisor on the day their termination is effective.
  2. Employees are expected to return all equipment in the same condition as it was when it was provided to them, with all software and files intact.
  3. If an employee fails to return the company-owned equipment, the company reserves the right to recover these items.
  4. If an employee fails to return company-owned equipment, the company may take legal action to recover the items.
  5. If the employee fails to return the equipment after legal action has been taken, the employee may be held liable for the full cost of the equipment.
  6. If an employee returns equipment that is damaged or missing any of its components, the employee may be held liable for the cost of the repairs or replacement.
  7. Employees are expected to take reasonable steps to protect the company-owned equipment, including taking appropriate measures to protect it from damage or theft.
  8. Any equipment that is not returned or that is returned in a damaged state will be documented and reported to the appropriate department for further action.
  9. This policy applies to all company-owned equipment issued to employees, regardless of their job title or length of employment.
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This policy is intended to ensure that company-owned equipment is returned in the same condition it was provided in, and that employees are held accountable for any damages that occur to the equipment while in their possession.

Tips for Organizing the Return of Equipment from Terminated Employees

  1. Ensure that all personnel who are leaving the organization are aware of their obligations to return all materials issued to them by the company, including equipment. Make sure that the terms of their departure, including equipment return requirements, are clearly stated in their termination paperwork.
  2. Create a checklist of required items that need to be returned by the employee. This checklist should include all equipment and materials issued to the employee, such as company laptops, cell phones, access cards, etc.
  3. Set up a centralized system to track the return of equipment from terminated employees. This system should include a list of all items issued to the employee, the date the item was issued, and the date it was returned.
  4. Establish an organized process for collecting the equipment. It is important to have one individual responsible for collecting all of the equipment from the employee. This person should be given authorization to inspect the employee’s workspace and collect any items that have not been returned.
  5. Document the return of equipment using a signed receipt. Having every employee sign a receipt upon returning their equipment will provide evidence of the return in the event of any disputes.
  6. Follow up if equipment is not returned in a timely manner. If an employee fails to return equipment on the agreed-upon date, it is important to contact them to remind them of their obligations.
  7. Consider hiring a professional service to collect equipment from terminated employees. If the organization is unable to dedicate personnel to collecting equipment, it may be worthwhile to hire a third-party service to handle the process.

What to Do When Terminated Employees Refuse to Return Equipment

When terminated employees refuse to return equipment, employers should take decisive steps to ensure that the equipment is retrieved in a timely manner.

First, employers should contact the employee in writing and clearly explain that they must return the equipment immediately. This correspondence should include a deadline for the return of the equipment, which should be as soon as possible. The written communication should also inform the employee of any legal ramifications for failing to return the equipment.

Second, employers should reach out to the employee by telephone, if possible. This can help to confirm that the employee has received the written correspondence, as well as to reiterate that the equipment must be returned within the specified timeframe.

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Third, employers should contact the terminated employee’s references or other associates, if necessary. This can be done in order to verify the employee’s current contact information and to establish a point of contact that can facilitate the return of the equipment.

Finally, employers should consult legal counsel, if necessary. Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to pursue legal remedies in order to retrieve the equipment.

By taking these steps, employers can ensure that terminated employees return equipment in a timely manner and avoid potential legal issues.


What should I do when an employee is terminated?

When an employee is terminated, you should have them return any company property, including equipment, that they have in their possession. All keys and access cards should be collected, and you should make sure their access to the premises is revoked.

What equipment should be returned?

Any equipment that was provided to the employee by the company needs to be returned. This includes computers, phones, tablets, company credit cards, access cards, and any other items that were provided as part of their job.

How should I collect the equipment?

It is best to have the terminated employee return the equipment in person. If this is not possible, you can arrange for a third party to pick up the equipment, such as a courier.

Who is responsible for the equipment?

The company is ultimately responsible for the equipment and should take action to ensure it is retrieved. If the terminated employee is uncooperative, the company should contact legal counsel for assistance.

What should I do with the equipment once it is returned?

Once the equipment is returned, it should be inspected for damage and any missing items should be noted. The equipment should then be securely stored until it can be reassigned to another employee or sold.


The best way to get equipment back from a terminated employee is to ensure that all company property is recovered prior to the employee’s departure. This can be done by having the employee sign an agreement that all company property must be returned upon termination. Additionally, employers should document what was given to the employee and ensure that any equipment that is assigned to the employee is tracked. Finally, employers should consider having a termination meeting with the employee to ensure that all equipment is returned in a timely manner.