Royal Rumble Disappointment: Fans Reacts to Lesnar vs Gunther Match Being Scrapped

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In December, reviews said Lesnar v Gunther became a set for WrestleMania 39. However, it changed into explaining that several months before the display, plans ought to alternate.

The plans have changed because the Wrestling Observer is reporting that Gunther v Lesnar is, at least as of proper now, not on the cards for WrestleMania 39, via WrestleTalk.

The plan for WrestleMania 39 is for Brock to face Bobby Lashley, with the pair reigniting their contention on Raw this week and throughout the Royal Rumble suit.

While Lashley v Lesnar III at WrestleMania makes feel, fanatics are genuinely amazed that Gunther received isn’t dealing with ‘The Beast’ considering what came about at the Royal Rumble.

Video: Gunther & Brock Lesnar’s Stare-Off At Royal Rumble 2023

As you may see above, Gunther and Lesnar had a mouth-watering staredown all through the men’s Royal Rumble in shape on Saturday evening.

As such, lovers now speculated that a match between the two heavyweights would become the playing cards for WrestleMania 39 in April, WWE’s most prominent display of the year.

There’s no phrase on why the in-shape isn’t happening, but lovers have been caught off shield via the reviews that WWE is going in another path for WrestleMania 39.

As stated, it’s believed that Lesnar and Lashley will percentage the ring on the show, but Stone Cold Stee Austin suddenly pitched a wonder in shape towards Brock.

At the time of writing, there’s yet to be a word on the plans WWE has for Gunther at WrestleMania 39; however, based on his document-breaking display for the Royal Rumble, it’s clear that WWE has a few massive plans for him.

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Fans have theorized that WWE could book another fit between Sheamus and the Intercontinental Champion at WrestleMania 39 or upload Drew McIntyre to make it a three-way.