Sunflower Drawings – Step by step instructions on how to draw a sunflower!

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The beauty of nature is so diverse that you might not be able to spot every flower.
Regardless of the many varieties, certain flowers are more loved than others. Millions of people love sunflowers.
You may also love sunflowers and wondered how to draw one. If you have, then you’re in the right place!
The following step-by–step guide has been created how toYou can draw a sunflower in only 10 simple steps. This will make it easier to learn how to draw them.

How to Draw a Sunflower – Let’s get Started!


The first step to learning how toDraw a sunflower. We will start with an easy step. Start by drawing a simple circle.
The circle doesn’t have to be perfect, so you can use your pen to draw it in freehand.

Step 2 – Draw in the next circle

You can add another circle to your circle once you have drawn the first one. This one will be much bigger, and as you can see in the reference image it’s also not a perfect circle.
It’s made up of many small curved lines in order to make the center of your sunflower drawing look more like the center of a real sunflower.

Step 3 – Next, draw in the start of the petals

The third stage of the sunflower drawing will involve the creation of the petals.
Refer to the reference image as a guide.
You should try your best to make sure they’re all around about the same length and size if you can as you go all around the circle.

Step 4 – Now draw in some more of the petals

Now your sunflower drawing will be taking shape! As you can see, the next step is to draw some sharp lines between each of the spaces in your sunflower drawing.
This will make the flowers look larger and fuller.

Step 5 –  Next you will be adding detail to the center

This guide continues with the next steps how toDraw a simple sunflower. For this step, simply add some dots to the inner circle of the sunflower’s center.
It will give your sunflower drawing a texture similar to a real one.

Step 6 – Next you will be adding more center details

Now that you’ve added in some detail to the center, you can add some nice details to the rest of the flower’s center.
You can see that we are going to draw curved lines. They look almost like half circles. You can add more of these lines in the outer circle for a richer texture.

Step 7 – Now draw in the petal details

Your sunflower drawing looks great in the center. Now we’ll add detail to each of its petals.
Simply add lines to both the outer and inner petals, as shown in the reference photo. This will add texture and dimension to your sunflower.

Step 8 – Add in the stem of your flower

Every sunflower requires a stem. We will begin to include that step in the eighth section of this guide. how toMake a sunflower.
I would recommend using a pencil for this step before going over it in pen once you’re happy with it.
To start, draw two slightly curved lines down from the sunflower bottom and make sure that they’re close together.
If you’re drawing in pen, make sure to leave a small gap on each line for leaves to be added. If you’re using a pencil, then simply erase the two gaps before you draw over the lines in pen.
When using a pencil make sure that the ink used to draw it is dry before you erase the pencil below!

Step 9 – Now draw in the leaves

After you have drawn your stem, you are ready to add some leaves and flowers to your drawing of a sunflower.
These can be added in using a range of straight and curved lines that replicate the appearance of the leaf reference photo.
Each leaf should have its own little stem that extends from your main stem.

Step 10 – Now finish it off with some color

Your sunflower drawing is now complete, and I bet that it’s looking amazing! Your drawing just needs one more thing to be finished, and that’s some beautiful colors!
Sunflowers are known for their bright and striking colors, so this should be a beautiful picture to behold once you’ve added in your colors.
There are many different colors you can use to create amazing effects in your drawing.
You can add a new dimension to your pictures by incorporating different media such as watercolors and colored pencils.
This is why it’s so much fun to play with different media in order to create a wild explosion of color. The only limit is your imagination, so we can’t wait to see how you finish off your drawing!

These 5 Tips Will Make Your Sunflower Drawing More Amazing!

These 5 tips will help you create beautiful flower artwork.
This sunflower’s design is stunning, but you can add little details to it to make it more real.
This could be little bees that are buzzing about the sunflower or even a tiny mouse sitting at its base. To add warmth to your image, you could draw a ladybug or ladybug onto the sunflower. Would you add any other little creatures to the image?
You can recreate a sunflower field for your sunflower drawing. Take what you know and add as many flowers on the page as you want.
To create beautiful sunflower fields, simply repeat the steps and make small adjustments. If you’re feeling really patient, you could cover the whole page with sunflowers for a stunning sight.
Although a field full of sunflowers might be one option, there are other options. Perhaps you can leave the sunflower as it is and add a farmhouse to the background.
A cartoon character might be drawn admiring the beautiful flower. These are just some ideas. What other backgrounds can you make?
There are many art mediums and tools available depending on the style you desire for your sunflower drawing.
You can use colored markers or pens to create vibrant colors if you wish it match the example. If you prefer a subtler approach to painting, colored pencils and watercolor paints are your best options.
A different way of presenting the sunflower is to take out the stem, and add the flower to another item.
You could attach the flower to the band on a hat, for example. Or maybe it could be shrunk down to look like a pin clipped to someone’s jacket.
You have so many options for how to present this lovely flower.

The Sunflower Drawing is complete!

This step-by-step guide will be very helpful. how toIt was easy to draw a sunflower in only 10 steps.
The first time you wanted to learn how toDraw a sunflower, that may have seemed daunting!
We hope this guide helped to show you that when you break it down into lots of easy steps it doesn’t have to be hard at all!
Once you’ve finished and colored in your wonderful sunflower drawings, we hope you’ll share them on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire!
We always love to see your artistic creativity and can’t wait to see some amazing sunflower drawings.

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