Unlock The Power Of Combining Products On Shopify—And Increase Your Sales!

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Welcome to the wonderful world of combining products on Shopify! Combining products on Shopify is a great way to increase sales and create a more personalized shopping experience for your customers. Combining products allows customers to purchase multiple items in one transaction, as well as bundle related items together for added convenience. This guide will walk you through the process of combining products on Shopify, from creating combined products to setting up discounts and pricing. With this guide, you can maximize your sales and create a more efficient, streamlined shopping experience for your customers. Let’s get started!

How to Create Product Bundles on Shopify: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating product bundles on Shopify is a great way to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Bundles enable customers to purchase multiple items in one transaction at a discounted price, making the purchase even more attractive. This step-by-step guide will show you how to create bundles on Shopify so that you can start offering your customers discounts and value-adds.

Step 1: Set Up Your Shopify Store

Before you can create product bundles, you must first have a Shopify store up and running. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to sign up for a Shopify account and build your store. This includes adding products and setting up payment options.

Step 2: Choose Your Products

The next step is to decide which products you want to bundle together. Consider the products that you already have in your store, as well as any new products that you’d like to introduce. Think about ways in which you can combine these products to create a bundle that offers real value to your customers.

Step 3: Create Your Bundle

Once you’ve chosen your products, it’s time to create the bundle. Shopify makes this easy with its drag-and-drop feature. You can add and remove products from the bundle, as well as set the discount you’d like to offer on the bundle.

Step 4: Set Your Price

The next step is to set the price for your bundle. You can either set the price manually or let Shopify calculate it for you based on the products in the bundle and the discount you’ve applied.

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Step 5: Promote Your Bundle

Now that your bundle is ready, it’s time to start promoting it to your customers. You can use Shopify’s built-in marketing tools to reach out to your customers via email, social media, and more. You can also create targeted ads to promote your bundle.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to create product bundles on Shopify and start offering your customers the discounts and value-adds they’re looking for. Bundles can be a great way to increase sales and customer satisfaction, so it’s definitely worth taking the time to set them up.

How to Offer Discounts on Shopify Product Combinations

Discounts are a great way to attract customers and encourage them to purchase your products. Offering discounts on product combinations is an effective way to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction. With Shopify, you can easily offer discounts on product combinations to help grow your business.

First, create a discount code. You can do this by going to the Discounts section in your Shopify admin. When creating the discount, you’ll need to select a discount type, such as “fixed amount” or “percentage,” as well as enter a discount code. You’ll also need to select a customer eligibility, such as “all customers” or “specific customers.”

Next, create a discount rule. You’ll need to decide which products the discount applies to, as well as set a limit to the number of items or total cost of the discounted items. You can also set a minimum purchase amount.

Finally, you can create a product combination. You’ll need to select which products you’d like to offer a discount on, as well as the quantity of each product. You can also decide if the discount should apply to the entire combination or each individual product.

By offering discounts on product combinations, you can make your customers happy and encourage them to purchase more from your store. With Shopify, it’s easy to create discounts and product combinations to help your business grow.

How to Create Upsells and Cross-sells on Shopify

Creating upsells and cross-sells on Shopify can help merchants increase their average order value and drive more sales. Upsells are when customers are offered an upgraded or more expensive version of the item they are considering, while cross-sells are additional items that are related to the original item and are offered as an add-on purchase. Here are some tips for creating upsells and cross-sells on Shopify.

  1. Utilize Product Recommendations: Shopify’s Product Recommendations feature allows merchants to create automated recommendations of products that could be upsold or cross-sold. This feature can be enabled on the Shopify dashboard and is based on customers’ previous purchases, so it is tailored to each person.
  2. Create Bundles: Bundles are a great way to encourage customers to buy more than one item. Shopify allows merchants to create bundles of related items that customers can purchase together for a discounted price.
  3. Use Upsell and Cross-sell Apps: There are a number of apps available for Shopify that can help merchants create tailored upsells and cross-sells. These apps allow merchants to customize the offers they present to customers and also track the performance of the upsells and cross-sells.
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By utilizing these tips, merchants can maximize their profits by creating effective upsells and cross-sells on Shopify. With the right strategies in place, merchants can increase their average order value and drive more sales.

Understanding Shopify’s Product Kit Feature and How to Use It

Shopify’s Product Kit feature is a convenient tool for merchants to easily create and manage product kits for their ecommerce stores. Product kits are collections of products that are grouped together and sold as a single item. Product kits are often used by stores to make shopping easier for their customers, or to bundle popular items together to increase their average order value.

The Product Kit feature allows merchants to easily create and manage product kits within Shopify. Merchants can select multiple products and group them together to create a single product kit. Merchants can also set different prices for their product kits, allowing them to offer discounts or increase the average order value of their store.

Once the product kit is created, merchants can manage the products within the kit by adding or removing items, changing prices, or changing images. Merchants can also adjust the availability of products within the kit to ensure that items are in stock when customers purchase a product kit.

The Product Kit feature also allows merchants to create product kit variants. When creating a product kit variant, merchants can set different prices and availability for each variant. This allows merchants to create multiple product kits that offer different combinations of products at different price points.

Using the Product Kit feature can help merchants create an efficient shopping experience for their customers. By grouping popular items together and offering discounts, merchants can increase their average order value and improve the overall customer experience. Additionally, merchants can use the product kit feature to create product kit variants and offer different combinations of products at different price points, allowing them to better target their customers.

Leveraging Shopify’s Product Variants Feature to Create Custom Combos

Shopify’s product variants feature is an incredibly useful tool for creating custom combinations of products in your store. This feature allows you to create different versions of a product, such as size, color, or other options. With this feature, you can create custom combinations of products to meet the needs of your customers.

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Using Shopify’s product variants feature is easy. First, you’ll need to define the different options for your product. For example, if you’re selling t-shirts, you might have a few different sizes and colors. Once you have the options set up, you can then create the different variants of the product. This could include combinations of sizes and colors, or any other option you choose.

Once the variants are created, you can then add them to your store. Shopify makes it easy to add the variants to your product page and to make them available for purchase. You can also configure the pricing for each variant, so that customers can choose the combination that best suits their needs.

With Shopify’s product variants feature, you can easily create custom combinations of products to meet the needs of your customers. This feature is a great way to provide customers with more options and make it easier for them to find the combination they’re looking for.


How do I combine products on Shopify?

To combine two or more products on Shopify, you can use the product selector feature in the Products section of your Shopify admin. From there, you can select the products you want to combine and click the “combine” button.

How do I keep track of my combined products on Shopify?

When you combine products on Shopify, the combined product will appear in the Products section of your Shopify admin. You can track the combined product’s sales data, inventory, and other product details just like any other product.

How do I edit the details of my combined product?

To edit the details of a combined product on Shopify, you can go to the product’s Edit page and make any necessary changes.

Can I combine different types of products on Shopify?

Yes, you can combine different types of products on Shopify. For example, you can combine physical products, digital products, or services into a single product.

Are there any limitations when combining products on Shopify?

Yes, there are some limitations when combining products on Shopify. For example, you can’t combine multiple variants of the same product (such as different sizes or colors) into a single product. Additionally, products must have the same weight and shipping profile in order to be combined.


The possibilities for combining products on Shopify are endless. By leveraging Shopify’s extensive library of APIs, you can create custom experiences that allow customers to combine products in unique and powerful ways. With the right combination of creativity, careful planning, and technical know-how, you can create compelling product combinations that add value to your customers and increase your bottom line.