Unlock The Secrets of The Pumpkin King With How To Draw Jack Skellington!

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Jack Skellington is an iconic character from Tim Burton’s 1993 classic movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is a spooky skeleton character with a unique and recognizable look. Drawing him can be a great way to bring a bit of Halloween into your drawings and artwork. If you’re interested in learning how to draw Jack Skellington, this guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to do so!

Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Jack Skellington

Step 1: Start by sketching a circle for the head.

Step 2: Draw two curved lines from the top of the head to the middle of the circle for the eyes.

Step 3: Draw a curved line from the eyes to the bottom of the head for the nose.

Step 4: Sketch a curved line from the nose to the bottom of the circle for the mouth.

Step 5: Draw a curved line from the eyes to the sides of the head for the ears.

Step 6: Draw two curved lines extending from the head for the neck and shoulders.

Step 7: Sketch two curved lines extending from the neck for the arms.

Step 8: Draw two curved lines extending from the shoulders for the hands.

Step 9: Draw a curved line extending from the neck to the bottom of the body for the torso.

Step 10: Draw two curved lines extending from the torso for the legs.

Step 11: Draw two curved lines extending from the legs for the feet.

Step 12: Add details to the eyes, nose, and mouth to give your drawing a more realistic look.

Step 13: Erase any unnecessary lines and add details such as clothes and facial features.

Step 14: Color your drawing using whichever colors you desire.

Step 15: Finally, add the finishing touches and your drawing of Jack Skellington is now complete!

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Drawing Tips for Jack Skellington’s Scary and Skeletal Features

  1. Use sharp angles. To capture the skeletal features of Jack Skellington, use sharp angles to create the edges of his face and body. This will help define his spooky shape.
  1. Incorporate crosshatching. To add texture and depth to Jack Skellington’s features, use a crosshatching technique to add detail. This will help create a more realistic and frightening look.
  2. Utilize shading. To enhance the skeletal features of Jack Skellington, use shading to darken certain areas and lighten others. This will emphasize the shape and form of his body and face.
  3. Use value contrast. To make Jack Skellington’s features stand out, use value contrast to create a strong visual impact. This will create a sense of drama and make his features appear more pronounced.
  4. Employ line weight. To emphasize the skeletal features of Jack Skellington, use line weight to create depth and dimension. This will help bring out the details of his spooky shape.

Using Color and Shading to Bring Jack Skellington to Life

Bringing Jack Skellington to life with color and shading can create a visually dynamic and engaging representation of the beloved character. Color and shading can be used to emphasize certain aspects of the character and bring out details that otherwise might be overlooked.

When selecting a color palette for Jack Skellington, opt for a range of dark, muted colors. Opt for shades of gray, black, and white for the color of his iconic suit. Pay attention to the details of his clothing and use lighter shades of gray to emphasize the lines and stitching. Additionally, use blues and purples for his face, giving him a mysterious and spooky look.

When it comes to shading, use a combination of hatching, cross-hatching, and stippling. Hatching is a technique that involves drawing parallel lines in the same direction to create a sense of volume and depth. Cross-hatching combines two sets of hatching lines at right angles to each other to create more intense shadows and darker tones. Stippling is a technique of using small dots to create varying shades of color.

Pay close attention to the shadows created by clothing, using darker shades and hatching to give a sense of depth. On Jack Skellington’s face, use stippling to create a more subtle shading. Additionally, use cross-hatching to emphasize any wrinkles or creases on his clothing.

Creating a dynamic representation of Jack Skellington with color and shading can bring the timeless character to life. By carefully selecting a color palette and utilizing various shading techniques, the character’s features can be brought to the forefront and give him a spooky and mysterious look.

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Drawing Jack Skellington Out of Proportion for Added Effect

The widely beloved character Jack Skellington, from the classic 1993 film The Nightmare Before Christmas, is often depicted in an exaggerated form. In this exaggerated form, Jack’s features are drawn out of proportion for added effect.

Jack’s body is often drawn with an elongated neck, a small head, and long, spindly legs. His arms and hands are drawn to be disproportionately long and thin. His face is usually drawn with an enlarged head and a wide, toothy grin. His eyes are often drawn in a triangular shape with two small points at the bottom.

The exaggerated proportions of Jack Skellington can be seen in a variety of artwork, such as movie posters, t-shirts, and toys. This exaggerated form of Jack Skellington is meant to emphasize his unique look and to create a sense of eerie, supernatural presence.

In addition to the exaggerated proportions, Jack Skellington’s clothing is often drawn in an exaggerated form as well. His iconic suit is drawn with an oversized collar, tall hat, and wide, pointed boots. His clothing is often drawn in bold colors, such as black, purple, and white, to emphasize his ghostly look.

By drawing Jack Skellington out of proportion for added effect, the character is able to evoke a strong sense of spooky, ghostly presence for viewers. This effect has made Jack Skellington an iconic character that is beloved by fans all over the world.

Combining Tim Burton’s Art Style with Jack Skellington to Create Unique Drawings

Tim Burton’s art style is characterized by its gothic, horror-inspired aesthetic, and it is no wonder that his beloved character Jack Skellington has become a favorite amongst the artist’s fans. Drawing Jack Skellington in the style of Tim Burton can be a great way to express your creativity and have some fun with art.

Before starting your drawing, it is important to understand the main elements of Burton’s art style. His characters are often depicted in a very stylized manner, with exaggerated features and wide, expressive eyes. His artwork often incorporates bright colors, but is often heavy on the black and grey. His art often has a strong sense of contrast, between light and dark, and between color and black-and-white.

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When drawing a Tim Burton-style Jack Skellington, it is important to capture his iconic look. He has a long, lanky body, a moon-shaped face, and a top hat. His clothing is often black and white, with stripes and plaids. His face is often white with dark shadows around the eyes and nose. His eyes are huge and expressive, and often have a skull shape to them.

When drawing Jack Skellington with Tim Burton’s art style, it is important to remember to exaggerate his features. His eyes should be wide and intense, and his body should be drawn with a sense of elongation and exaggeration. His clothing should be simplified and stylized, with a strong contrast between light and dark colors.

By combining Tim Burton’s art style with Jack Skellington, you can create unique drawings that will be sure to stand out. With careful attention to detail and a good understanding of Burton’s art style, you can create art that is both fun and meaningful.


What materials do I need to draw Jack Skellington?

You will need paper, pencil, eraser, and coloring tools such as markers, colored pencils, or paint.

What is the best way to draw Jack Skellington?

The best way to draw Jack Skellington is to draw him in stages. Start with the basic outline and work your way up to the details.

How do I draw Jack Skellington’s face?

Start by drawing two large circles for the eyes. Add a triangle shape for the nose, and draw a curved line for the mouth.

How do I draw Jack Skellington’s clothing?

Jack Skellington wears a striped suit and a bow tie. Draw the stripes of the suit and the bow tie using curved lines.

How do I color Jack Skellington?

Jack Skellington is usually colored in shades of black, white, and gray. You can use markers, colored pencils, or paint to color him.


Jack Skellington is one of the most popular characters from the classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. With the help of this tutorial, you can now draw him yourself with ease. Whether you decide to draw him from the movie or design your own version, Jack Skellington is sure to be an impressive addition to any artwork. So grab your pencils and paper and get creative!