Unlock Your Inner Artist and Draw Tinkerbell!

How To

Welcome to the wonderful world of drawing! In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Tinkerbell, the iconic fairy from Disney’s Peter Pan. We will take you step-by-step through the drawing process, so you can learn the basics of drawing and create your own masterpiece. Get your pencils and paper ready, and let’s get started!

Step-By-Step Guide: How To Draw Tinkerbell

Step 1: Begin by lightly sketching the outline of Tinkerbell’s body. Begin with an oval for the head and then draw a curved line for the neck. Draw two circles for the shoulders. The arms should be drawn extending from the shoulder circles. Sketch two curved lines for the torso, and two lines for the legs, pointing downwards.

Step 2: Add some details to the face. Draw a small triangle for the nose, two almond-shaped eyes, and an upside-down heart shape for the mouth.

Step 3: Draw Tinkerbell’s signature hairstyle. Start by drawing a curved line from the top of her head, and then draw a wave pattern along the line.

Step 4: Sketch Tinkerbell’s clothing. Start with a curved line at the neck and draw two curved lines down the sides of her body to create a dress-like shape. Then, draw a line at the waist. Draw two curved lines along the bottom of the dress.

Step 5: Add some final details to your drawing. Draw a fairy-like wand in Tinkerbell’s hand. Draw a star at the end of the wand. Add some wings on her back. And finally, draw some small stars in the background.

Your Tinkerbell drawing is now complete!

Tips For Drawing Tinkerbell’s Hair and Dress

  1. Start by sketching a basic outline of Tinkerbell’s head and body. Make sure to draw her head slightly larger than her body since she is a fairy.
  2. When drawing Tinkerbell’s hair, make sure to draw it in a wild, wavy style. Her hair should be flowing and have a lot of volume. You can also add a few curls and ribbons for a more whimsical look.
  3. For her dress, draw a simple, flowing gown with a low neckline. Make sure to draw the fabric in a pleated or ruffled style to give it more texture.
  4. To add a bit of sparkle to her dress, draw small glittery stars along the edges of the fabric. You can also draw a few small dots to represent sequins.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to draw Tinkerbell’s wings! They should be delicate and feathery, and the tips should curve slightly towards the body.
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Drawing Tinkerbell’s Magical Wings

Drawing Tinkerbell’s magical wings can be a fun and creative challenge. To start, sketch out the shape of the wings on a piece of paper. Once you have the basic shape of the wings, you can begin to add details such as feathers, curves, and delicate lines.

When drawing the feathers, start at the base of the wings and work your way up. Be sure to vary the size and shape of the feathers. You can also add some curves and swirls to give the wings a more whimsical look. For the delicate lines, use a fine tip pen or marker to get the desired effect.

You can add more details to make the wings look more magical. You can use different shades of glitter or shimmering paint to give the wings a sparkly effect. You can also draw small stars and flowers to make the wings look more magical.

Finally, you can use colored pencils or markers to add color to the wings. You can choose any color that you like and combine different hues to create a unique look.

Once you are happy with your drawing, you can frame it and proudly display your magical wings. With a bit of practice, you will be able to create beautiful and intricate wings that will bring Tinkerbell to life.

How To Add Color To Your Tinkerbell Drawing

Adding color to a Tinkerbell drawing can add a magical touch to the illustration. To begin, it is important to choose the right materials for the task. For this project, you will need a set of colored pencils or markers, a ruler, and a piece of paper.

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Next, decide on the color scheme for your Tinkerbell drawing. Think about the colors that represent Tinkerbell’s fairy-like qualities and her magical world. Look online for inspiration or use a color wheel to help you choose the right shades.

Once you have chosen a color scheme, use a ruler to draw the outline of your Tinkerbell drawing on the paper. This will help you keep the lines and shapes in proportion and make it easier to add color.

Now it is time to add color to your Tinkerbell drawing. Start by using a light color to fill in the outline and create a base layer. Then, use darker colors to define the details and add shadows. Finally, use white and lighter colors to highlight areas and give the illustration a sparkling effect.

When you are satisfied with your drawing, use a pencil to add a few finishing touches. You can add freckles, lines, and dots to give your Tinkerbell drawing a more realistic look.

By following these steps, you can easily add color to your Tinkerbell drawing and create a magical illustration.

Special Effects: Adding Sparkle and Shine To Your Tinkerbell Drawing

Adding sparkle and shine to your Tinkerbell drawing can be a fun and rewarding way to make your artwork stand out. To achieve this effect, you will need materials such as glitter glue, sequins, iridescent paper, and metallic markers.

To begin, you will need to plan out the areas of your drawing that you want to add sparkle and shine to. Consider where the light would naturally hit your character, and mark those areas for extra glimmer. Once you have decided on the areas, it’s time to choose the materials that will bring your vision to life.

Glitter glue can be used to outline certain features of your drawing such as the wings, or to add small glittery accents. It is best to apply this material with a fine brush, and to allow it to dry before adding any other materials.

Sequins are perfect for adding a touch of shimmer to the clothing and accessories of your Tinkerbell drawing. You can use fabric glue or a hot glue gun to affix them to the paper.

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For an extra bit of sparkle, try using iridescent paper. This colorful material can be cut into shapes such as stars or hearts and used to decorate the background of your drawing.

Finally, metallic markers are an excellent way to draw attention to the details of your Tinkerbell drawing. You can use these pens to outline the wings or to add small details such as buttons or jewelry.

By using these supplies, you can give your Tinkerbell drawing the perfect combination of sparkle and shine. With a little creativity and practice, you can bring your artwork to life and make it truly shine.


What tools do you need to draw Tinkerbell?

You will need a pencil, eraser, and paper to draw Tinkerbell.

What are the basic steps for drawing Tinkerbell?

The basic steps for drawing Tinkerbell include sketching out a basic outline, adding facial features, and refining the details.

What are some tips for drawing Tinkerbell?

Some tips for drawing Tinkerbell include using light and dark pencil strokes, drawing the wings in a curved shape, and adding texture to her hair and clothes.

How can you make Tinkerbell look more realistic?

To make Tinkerbell look more realistic, you can add shadows and highlights to her face and body, use thicker lines for her clothes and hair, and draw individual strands of hair.

How can you make Tinkerbell look more cartoonish?

To make Tinkerbell look more cartoonish, you can draw her with larger eyes, use thicker lines for her clothes and hair, and draw her wings in a more exaggerated shape.


Drawing Tinkerbell is a great way to practice your drawing skills and create a piece of artwork that can be enjoyed for years to come. With the help of this guide, you can create a beautiful and unique version of Tinkerbell. From outlining her basic shape to adding more details, it is a great way to explore your creativity and artistic talents. With some practice and patience, you can make your own Tinkerbell drawing that you can be proud of.