The Step-by-Step Guide to Whale Drawing!

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The most amazing animals on earth are the whales. With their enormous size, they stand out. Blue whales are the biggest animal on Earth.
Many species and varieties of whales exist, which has allowed them to be a magnet for marine wildlife fans around the world.
This gentle giant is even part of many stories, legends, and mythologies around the world.
Here’s a step-by -step guide. how toDrawing a whale can help you to have an amazing time drawing these incredible creatures.

How to Draw A Whale – Let’s get Started!

Step 1.

This guide is to get you started. how toTo draw a whale we will start with a straight line. This line will be the back. The reference image shows that it is quite curvy.
These images show you how it will look in relation to the rest.
Once that line is done, it’s on to step 2!

Step 2 – Now, draw the face and tail of the whale

This is the second step in which we’ll build on our whale drawing. Use the straight line you traced in step 1 to draw the head of the whale.
Next, trace the forked tail on the right side.
The angle at which the whale is going to be lying will cause the tail to be very small in comparison with the rest of its body. This will give some perspective.

Step 3 – Next, draw the belly and flippers of the whale

You can build on the lines you have drawn in previous steps by using a second curved line that has a sharp point at the belly of the whale for a flipper.
You can draw the flipper and then create your belly by drawing a line between it and the tail.
Make sure you draw another line in order to create large mouths for the whale before moving onto the next step.

Step 4 – Draw an eye and another flipper

This is the second part of our guide. how toYou can also draw the eye of a whale. Whales have small eyes when compared with the rest of their body.
An eye may be drawn using a small circular with a black dot within it.
After you’ve drawn the eye, add one flipper to your previous one.
This second flipper can be made smaller as it’s farther away.

Step 5 – Start adding some details to your whale drawing

The next steps in this guide will include some last details.
First, draw thin lines below your face using the reference photo as a guide. Next, go down to the flippers.
The ventral pleats are small lines that give the area a wrinkled appearance.
For more detail, add some lines to the flippers and face.

Step 6 – Finish off the drawing with some final details

We’re almost at the final step of this guide on how toDraw a whale The last step will be to add details to your drawing.
This is a step where we will show you some details that you can add, but it’s also one where you can really get creative and add some details of your own!
We added some thin lines along the body and tail of the whale for a more textural, wrinkled look to our drawing.
Now you are free to think of more details! It’s possible to really get creative.
You could also draw additional marine life, like fish and coral around the whale.
Perhaps you can draw the ocean’s surface above the whale, and then have a boat sail above it.
It would also be an excellent way to demonstrate the size of the whale. What additional details could you add to your whale drawing, if any?

Step 7 – Finish off your whale drawing with some color

We are now at the end of our guide. how toYou can draw a hale, which allows you to let loose with your creativity!
You can use any of the many colors we showed to color your whale drawing.
You can get a whale in a variety of species or colors, even if your preference is for realism.
You would be able to choose from many different colors for your whale. As inspiration, check out pictures of actual whales.
You can use your favourite colors for a stylized image of the whale, but you don’t have to.
Once you’ve decided on the colors, the only thing left is to pick your art medium of choice.
For a softer look, I’d use watercolor paints. But there are many ways to color it in. Any art medium can be used to make an incredible image.

Here are 5 tips to make your whale drawing even better!

We take a deep breath and show you how to do it. how toYour whale drawing will be even more amazing!
One of the most amazing creatures you will find in the ocean is whales. This whale drawing could be enhanced with the addition of some other marine creatures.
There are many options. You can draw more whales and add sharks, dolphins, orcas. These are only a few of the ocean creatures that you can add to the picture. What other species could you include?
This is one of the best ways to improve your whale drawing. However, it’s possible to add other sea creatures as well. While a setting in the sea is the obvious option, there are many other options.
So, you might draw the whale close to the ocean. This would allow you to add all sorts of details.
For our illustration of a whale, we created a cartoony version of the animal. However, you can change the style at will. To make the drawing look more real, you can use photos of a whale.
You can use a photograph of a whale to determine its proportions. You can use other designs for the whale, but there are many options.
You can also use colors to enhance your whale drawing. You can use colors creatively to color this whale. We only showed one method.
Although you could choose to stick to the realistic colors of your home, it is okay to be creative with colors that stand out from others.
You can also consider the colors that you use in your drawing. You can make a big difference in the art mediums you choose.
There are many paint mediums that you can use with various brushes, or even some other mediums such as colored markers and pens.
There are many ways to use whatever you already have.

You are done with your whale drawing!

This step-by-step guide was fun. how toDraw a whale with us!
This guide was designed to be fun and simple to follow. We hope that you have a lot of fun while learning how to draw a whale!
Now it’s up to you to show us what you can do with some extra details, elements, colors and art mediums. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
You have plenty more to look forward to on our website. Make sure you check back often so that you don’t miss any new guides.
We are dying to see the whale drawings you have created.

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