Women Drawing: Step by Step How to Draw a Woman

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Because of a woman’s impeccable beauty, she has long been a common subject of many artworks, and drawing is no exception.
Learn how toDrawing a woman opens up the possibility of creating more complicated drawings. However, because of a woman’s intricate features, it may seem very challenging to draw a woman.
We’ve compiled a guideline for you. how toDraw a woman in nine easy steps.
Every instruction includes an illustrated guide to help you navigate the various steps. This makes the task much easier.
You might be shocked to learn that it is not difficult to draw a woman with this guide!
Have fun and remember—the sky’s the limit to your imagination!

How to Draw a Woman – Let’s get started!


Begin by drawing an upright oval on your upper middle section of paper. This will outline the female’s head and face.
Referencing lines can be used to make sure that the woman’s face is in the center.
This guideline will help you keep your drawings proportionate and aligned. This is the place where you will draw your oval shape.

Step 2 – Outline the Woman’s Head and Shoulders

Draw a short curved line right underneath the woman’s head on the left side. You can then extend this line by drawing an even more slanted horizontal strip to the right.
After that, move the line down for approximately half an inch.
Continue the process on the other side to form a similar line. Now, you should have the entire neck and chest formed.

Step 3 – Create the Dress the Woman is Wearing

Draw a vertical, inwardly curved line from the right side of your chest to form the waist.
Then, extend the line outwards to structure the skirt of the woman’s dress.

Step 4 – Afterwards, Draw the Woman’s Left Leg

The dress should be a long, rounded shape.
This forms the woman’s left leg. Don’t forget to add a curved line on the feet to create the shoe!

Step 5 – Now, Complete Both Legs of the Woman

Then repeat the steps on the other side. Both legs should be the same length.
After finishing this step, the woman’s both legs, feet, and shoes should be complete.

Step 6 – Draw the Woman’s Left and Right Arm

Draw sleeves on the lower body. Next, trace an arm that has a hand under each sleeve. You will now have the hands and arms of the woman.
Don’t forget to add a curved line below the woman’s neck. This creates the collar hem for the women’s dress.

Step 7 – Afterwards, Draw the Hair of the Woman

Next, define the woman’s hairline. Draw the crown of the woman’s head, and her hair around it.
As you can see in the illustration, we’ve drawn a simple short bob hairstyle. However, feel free to draw any kind of hair you like, whether it’s a short pixie cut or a long curly hair.
The hair can be pinned, braided, or in any other style you like. It’s all up to you! After all, it’s your work of art.

Step 8 – Add Streaks of Hair to Create Texture

At the top of the woman’s head, draw a few curved lines to add texture on the hair, making it appear more realistic.
Be careful to only draw hair in light strokes. Don’t press down too hard with your pencil to avoid creating unrealistic harsh lines.

Step 9 – Complete the Woman’s Facial Features

Now, it’s time to add the features inside the woman’s face.
To create eyebrows, start from the top and work your way down.
To create your eyes, make a large oval under each eyebrow.
To create the pupil or iris, make a small circular shape within the eyes. Shade all of the pupil, but leave the iris unharmed.
To create the nose, trace a line that forms a semicircle. Then, draw a wide upward curved line to put a wide smile on the woman’s face.
Don’t forget to add sideways oval shape on both cheeks to create a dramatic “blushing effect”—so charming!
There you have it—we’ve successfully drawn a beautiful woman. Now, it’s finally time for the part we’ve all been waiting for, which is coloring the woman!
Here you will be able to show off your creative skills and your ability mix and match colors.
You can choose the colors that you want to use in your drawing. But here’s a useful tip: combine the colors white, yellow, blue, and red to create a customized skin tone color.
You may need to add more of a specific color depending on the complexion you’re aiming for.
Blendable coloring materials, such as watercolor and acrylic paint, are the best for achieving skin tones.
Enjoy playing around with color and watching the woman come to life.

Three more ways to make it easy for your lady to draw!

Learn how to make drawing for women easy!
If there are ever parts of a drawing you’re struggling with, there are ways to get around it without making the drawing worse. These tricks may even help you draw better.
For this drawing, let’s say you’re struggling to draw the eyes. This could be avoided by adding sunglasses to her eyes.
It will help to ease the pain in your lower back, and it will inspire you to draw more style!
These little tricks can help make your drawing process easier and more enjoyable.
It is possible to create a simple drawing of a woman by simply using basic shapes. You will need a pencil for this purpose. The lighter, the better.
An example is to use an oval for her head, then you can create a series rectangular shapes for her body. You should use our guide to help you create the shapes.
This can help you create this sketch for a woman!
Finally, it is possible to draw a real reference. You can ask a close friend, family member or relative to help you with your drawing.
If you don’t have someone to pose for you, you can find reference pictures online that you can use. Many craft stores sell wooden figures for artists to use when they draw people.
These resources can make the process so simple and will allow you to achieve more exact proportions.
How can you make drawing a female figure easier with other tools and resources?

You are complete with your woman drawing!

We hope that you find this tutorial helpful. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in drawing, we’re certain that you were able to follow the steps effortlessly. It was a lot of fun, wasn’t it?
You can use all our drawing tutorials as learning tools to improve your drawing abilities.
Go ahead and visit our “How to Draw” catalog to check out many more drawing tutorials like this. How would you like your next drawing?
Once you’ve finished drawing and coloring a woman, don’t forget to show off your work of art. Send us a photograph of your work and we will share it on Pinterest and Facebook.
Don’t be shy, you’ve worked hard for it so it surely looks awesome!
Your beautiful lady would be a great inspiration to us!

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